Agriculture Rate in Pakistan 2023

Agriculture prices in Pakistan matter a lot for all the farmers, businesses, and people working in the agriculture industry. The Agri industry is the most popular and income-generating industry in Pakistan helping in maintaining and growth of the Pakistani economy.

The total land area of Pakistan is 796,095 km² while the only agricultural land of Pakistan is 48%. The whole Pakistani economic conditions are surviving just because of the production Pakistan made from agriculture for many decades after independence.

Agriculture prices for all commodities including fertilizers, cotton, wheat, corn, sugar, seeds, and poultry are covered on this site. All the other agriculture product prices are on the way to be revealed.

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Types of agriculture in Pakistan

There are hundreds of agriculture types in the world, but mainly in Pakistan, there are only four main types of agriculture that are supporting its economy. Following are agri types on which continuous work is ongoing:

  • Livestock Production
  • Crops Production
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agricultural Economics

Pakistan comes in the top 10 biggest crop or agriculture producers in the world. The very hot selling agricultural products of Pakistan are rice and kinnow which help the most revenue import from foreign countries to the Pakistani economy. 

The other types of agricultural farming that are exist but not so common in Pakistan are pastoral farming, arable farming, mixed farming, shifting agriculture, nomadic agriculture, sustenance farming, sedentary agriculture, and commercial agriculture.

History of Pakistani agriculture sector

Before the independence of Pakistan, people were using only farming as their primary bread source and living their lives ordinarily. After the British empire invaded the subcontinent region, they started applying new biotechnological and farming techniques on crops due to the abundant resources they had.

After discovering many agri-techniques they started getting more yield from crops than before. Now crops are not ordinary as they are before, because they started giving more products and fruits. All these techniques are still being applied by local Pakistanis to get more yield from the crops.

The demand for this sector is daily by going on a pea. Now in Pakistan there are hundreds of top-notch agri-institites developing new techniques in laboratories, and improving old techniques.

Sub-sectors of agriculture in Pakistan

A country like Pakistan is having 5 subsectors in the major agriculture sector and it is more than a miracle to a country having unstable economic conditions like Pakistan with a huge number of sub-sectors operating within. The following are sub-sectors:

  • Livestock: This farming includes cattle, sheep, goats, buffaloes, and poultry. A big local and international revenue of many Pakistani businesses solely relies on livestock farming. Pakistan only has livestock and has a share of 14.04% of the total GDP.
  • Fisheries: This farming also includes dealing with animals, but here animals are marine, not terrestrial which means fish as the name suggests. Pakistan is also making huge profits from fisheries alone. Recent data showed that Pakistan generated a revenue of 400 million US dollars from exporting fish to foreign countries.
  • Major Crops: This farming includes the farming of major or very common crops that we see and use in our daily routines line: rice, wheat, corn, sugarcane, and cotton. Major crops add revenue of 50% to the whole GDP of the local economy, this is the reason why major crops are called major because they are common and add most of the revenue to the economy.
  • Minor Crops: these crops include farming for fruit crops like, apples, oranges, and dry fruits. These crops add too much revenue to the Pakistani economy, but not as much as major crops. 
  • Forestry: Pakistan in recent years generated $300 million USD from forestry. This farming comes at the very low of the hierarchy list but still, it is important for the economy as well as for the whole green ecosystem.

Current situation of agriculture in Pakistan

Current agriculture statistics of Pakistan are going very well because of the availability of experts and agri-institutes in the country. Pakistan’s economy is surviving just because Pakistan is maintaining agricultural operations at a wide scale.

The unavailability of such good resources in the agriculture sector can be disastrous for a country like Pakistan because such weak circumstances in the present moment can easily lead Pakistan to a defaulter country.

Alone agriculture is going well in our country and growing exponentially as new professionals are paying their best and coming to this sector. Agriculture prices are likely to increase as inflation is going up.

Importance of agriculture in Pakistan

Agriculture is very important to not only Pakistan but to every country in the world. This sector is not just limited to the income and revenue of the country, but the lives and survival of all people are connected to this sector. No life can survive in the absence of the agriculture sector.

In the case of Pakistan, it is more important than other sectors playing their roles. The agricultural abilities of Pakistan are God-gifted and have the potential to make this country like the level of European or American countries. We should never ignore the importance of this sector and should work for this to make it better day by day.


The agricultural sector should highly be appreciated in our country and should be put on a way to regular improvements. There is a high demand for hard and smart workers in this industry. This industry alone has the potential to run a whole country.


What influence agricultural commodities prices?

Economic factors are highly involved in the prices of agricultural commodities.

Why did Pakistan call an agricultural country?

This country is having a huge agricultural area and abilities, that’s why it is called an agricultural country.

Is Pakistan exporting agricultural product to foreign countries?

Yes, Pakistan is considered as one of the giant agricultural exporters in the world exporting a high yield of crops like rice, wheat, and corn to many first world countries like USA, China, Canada, and Middle East.

Is Pakistan currently making local automobiles?

Yes, Pakistan is currently producing a large number of locally manufactured and assembled vehicle like rikshaws and small motorbikes like Pak Hero and United.