AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

AGS battery price in Pakistan is competitive with Exide. Still, this battery is a premium quality battery used for many purposes like in automobiles and for inverters and UPS locally in Pakistan.

Most of the people prefer AGS as a UPS battery in Pakistan for the reason of its long life. The company has incorporated thick and premier quality plates in this battery which make this electrical battery a boost in its longevity in competition to other batteries available in the market. As battery prices in Pakistan are raising on a constant pace, but AGS is actively maintaining its overall battery quality.

ags batteries
AGS batteries

AGS battery rate list

AGS Battery ModelsPrice
GR463300 PKR
GL483600 PKR
GL504200 PKR
CNG604700 PKR
GR654900 PKR
GL654900 PKR
GR704600 PKR
80D26R5200 PKR
GR855900 PKR
GL856100 PKR
GR875600 PKR
GR1007200 PKR
GL1007300 PKR
6FT1208200 PKR
N1258800 PKR
GX1329200 PKR
GX1359700 PKR
GX16511500 PKR
GX17512500 PKR
GL19014300 PKR
195G51F15800 PKR
GX20017400 PKR
210H5221500 PKR
245H5222500 PKR

These are all AGS batteries with their model names and their perspective pricings. AGS yet has launched only the abovementioned battery models which are easily available in Pakistan for both cars and UPS. 

An important thing about AGS for you to remember is that AGS is an automotive industry-focused battery company that specifically makes its high productive batteries for motorcycles and cars, but there is a huge number of people in Pakistan combinating these batteries with their solar panels and inverters. Now, it totally depends on you, what gap you are going to fulfill with this.

AGS battery suppliers in Pakistan

There is a huge number of distributors and suppliers in Pakistan for AGS batteries filling a large market gap by selling high-quality batteries and fulfilling successfully their customer support operations. Following are some known AGS suppliers available in Pakistan:

  • United Batteries
  • Bilal Battery Store
  • Khalid Oil Store and Battery Service
  • Rashid Auto Battery Centre
  • Modern Batteries
  • Lahore BAttery house
  • Al-Jabbar Energy Solutions
  • Narada Battery
  • Pak Battery Agency
  • Pak Battery Traders
  • Malik Battery Agency
  • AGS Agencies
  • Sargodha Battery House
  • Sultani Battery House
  • Rehman Batteries
  • Al Nahar Battery Traders

Pros and cons of AGS battery usage


  • Its a high quality battery and one of the imported battery companies in Pakistan.
  • Suited best for bikes and small engine vehicles.
  • AGS battery cells are made of high quality metal layers, for this reason the battery’s life is great as compare to some other brands.
  • The company making this battery is an old brand and this reason made this company a competent and highly experienced in making batteries.
  • Long lasting and are not very expensive for value.


  • There is not much range of batteries that are available in Pakistan , only some selected models are being sold in the country.

Should you use AGS battery

  • In our personal use, AGS batteries go best with cars and motorcycles, you can without taking any tension use this battery for your can or any other vehicle, as this company’s main focus is on automobiles.
  • AGS battery price in Pakistan is manageable, you can easily afford this battery with even a tight pocket budget.
  • AGS is an authoritative and a well known brand among Pakistani, this is only because of the quality it is producing for end consumers.
  • The company has an amazing customer support service which you can use in case you have any problem with the product, but this is a very rare car with AGS company because every unit of this battery in the market came after passing many trials and tests in the supervision of engineers and experts.
  • Another reason why should you use this battery is due to the long expiry it has. Once you have used this battery you don’t need to worry about this for the next 3 years. Remember that all batteries go long if they are properly maintained by using acid water in them on a regular base, this will also work with AGS.
  • If you think you are a lazy type of person and forget after installing the battery, for this reason, you should also use an AGS battery or a dry battery with no maintenance feature.


What is the cheapest AGA battery in Pakistan?

AGS GR46 is the most cheapest AGS battery available in Pakistan used for small size bikes and motor generators.

What is full form of AGS?

AGS is a Japanese company, its full form is Atlas Genzo Shmadzu.


If you are here for commercial purposes, or you are going to buy this battery in bulk for your outlet, make sure you do the market research thoroughly to know more in detail about what’s actually going on in the industry. Make sure you also consult with your family or a friend who has experience in this specific domain for better guidance and positive final results. Make sure you buy a brand-new battery, nowadays some small or unauthorized sellers are putting repaired or low-quality copies of these batteries on the market shelves for inexperienced consumers.

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