Aluminum Windows Prices in Pakistan Today

Aluminum windows prices normally don’t go up and down, they are stable compared to other building materials in Pakistan. Their prices are from the world market of Aluminum but still, they are not changeable as other goods. Aluminum is one of the natural resources of the earth exists about 8.1% of the earth’s crust

.Aluminum windows are more durable than other metal window frames because of the special aluminum feature which is non-stainless. Aluminum windows are not only long-lasting but add beauty to your house or any residential building you are making. These windows are easy to move with just a hook and slider and most importantly, they are cost-effective.

aluminum windows
Aluminum windows

Updated Aluminum windows rates chart

Aluminum Window BrandsUnit MeasurementPrice
GRPer Sqft1100-1250 PKR
MasterPer Sqft1100-1450 PKR
ChawlaPer Sqft1250-1450 PKR
PrimePer Sqft1220-1350 PKR
StandardPer Sqft1090-1410 PKR

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All current aluminum window rates have been mentioned above with their brand names. When you are purchasing this window, keep in mind that cheaper prices windows may be quality compromised as compared to windows with high cost.

aluminium windows rates in pakistan


Please note that it is normal if you see different prices in your region including Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, and Sialkot. Most of the time their prices are changing according to the current economic conditions in Pakistan.

Aluminum companies in Pakistan

Dozens of authorized aluminum window manufacturers are operating locally and at multinational levels. Following are some companies in Pakistan producing quality products for many years for their clients:

  • Alco
  • Acop
  • International Metal Industries
  • Pak Alco Products
  • Falcon Aluminum
  • Ittehad Aluminum
  • Lucky Aluminum
  • Prime Aluminum Industries
  • Nabeel Glass and Aluminum Windows
  • Al-Fattah
  • Metal life
  • HR Aluminum and Glass
  • Ahmad Aluminum and Glass
  • Mian Glass and Aluminum
  • Hamdani Aluminum and Glass Windows

Types of Aluminum

Pakistan has most commonly two types of aluminum used in window and door materials, grade A and B. In most of the windows, grade A type aluminum is used, this is a good quality aluminum considered which is durable, stainless, and non-bendable.

Grade b is also a good type but not more than A, it can be durables, but in most of the spaces, it gets rust and affects the durability of the frame which is not a good thing.

How aluminum is made

  • Aluminum windows are not a product of high technical processes, but yes they are technically developed.
  • Raw aluminum is first molted and then extruded using extrude press.
  • The molten aluminum material is then shifted to die and allowed to cool, this process gives a firm and balanced shape to the window, 
  • After coming out of the die, it then goes through s little welding work in which hooks and glass sliders are added and polished.
  • Now the final product is ready to have glass shades on sliders and ready to fit on your wall.

Pros and cons of using aluminum windows


  • Aluminum window price in Pakistan is relatively manageable as other window types sometimes are not very much cost-effective for installing in homes.
  • Windows made from aluminum material are considered a one-time cost because these windows do not get rusted and go for a long period.
  • Aluminum-made windows are stainless if you buy a high-quality branded window frame, for this reason, their alignment does not get disturbed when they experience pressure. This stainless feature also helps them go in the long run in your home walls.
  • Most of the time these windows are ready made available in the market for which you will not have the headache of first ordering them from the manufacturer.
  • You can simply buy them and install them on your walls, also you don’t have to be a very professional person to install them, with a few basic tools and screws you can easily install them.
  • You can change the window glass if for any reason you got the window glass broken.


  • If the metal frame is for any reason get broken, its descent look will be affected and you won’t be able to gain the previous look.
  • Most of the cases you may not be able to put your favorite glass in this window, because it has already fitted glass sheets which sometimes may not be of your choice.

Why you should choose aluminum windows

  • If you are not a price-centric type of person and don’t care about the aluminum window price, then you should choose aluminum windows for your home.
  • In case you want a classy home looks like an Italian home is, aluminum windows are for you.
  • Aluminum windows have a great deal of durability and long life, so if you are looking for a window for which you don’t want to invest money any further on maintenance, then you can select these windows for installation.

Are aluminum windows stainless?

Yes, high-quality branded aluminum windows are stainless and won’t be easily bendable as they experience weight on them,

Can aluminum windows get rusted?

No, aluminum is a hard metal that does not possess any iron or steel component in it, this is the reason aluminum can’t get rusted.

Is aluminum window breakable?

Aluminum windows are not easily breakable due to the high compactness of atoms of steel, but yes, if you try to bend original quality steel, it will get broken instead of bending.

Are aluminum windows higher in price than wooden or other metal windows?

Yes, iron windows are more expensive than other window types, but no doubt they reserve the quality and durability of windows made with other materials.


Aluminum windows are best to use on your home walls if you have a good or moderate budget. These windows are durable and long-lasting. If you are going to buy windows for a big project and you think of yourself as a nonprofessional in the field, do consult with an expert or professional of the field. If you ignore consulting with a professional, you may cost disaster in your construction project. Using high-quality products in construction structures is always better.

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