Automotive prices in Pakistan (Automobile Rates Overview)

Automotive commodities prices in Pakistan are constantly touching new heights day by day as the world economy is turning weak. Along with economical un-stabilities, another major factor of technological improvements in vehicles is involved.

The automobile vs automotive both are the same terms, our platform includes all the commodities used for daily trade in Pakistan. All the vehicle types discussed are used in daily labor works or for business transportation, other fancy cars for home use are not discussed.

Prices for local automobiles like bikes, rikshaws, tractors (MF 385 4wd, MF 385 2wd, NH 70 56, and NH Dabung 85), and trucks like Forland have been covered on our site. Also automotive products like mobile oil including ZIC, Caltex, general tires and Servis Bike Tires are covered. For detailed price information related to all his vehicles is available, you can check by clicking on the given links.

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Automotive Vehicles Price Overview

There are hundreds of vehicle brands in Pakistan importing and manufacturing locally. All these brands include all types of vehicles for both domestic and commercial use.

Vehicles for commercial use are surviving and doing very well. All locally made commercial engines include trucks, motorcycles, Vespa, and rikshaws. A very good thing about commercial purpose engines is that they are affordable and even laborers can manage on cash as well on an installment basis to run their bread and butter.

check Truck Price in Pakistan

Top car brands in Pakistan

Pakistani market is a very big market for car brands including all car types. Pakistan has both car types in terms of budget from high to low. All the following car brands include both locally manufactured and imported cars.

  • Toyota
  • Suzuki
  • Changan
  • MG Motors
  • Honda
  • BMW
  • Ford
  • Isuzu
  • Hyundai
  • Mazda
  • GMC
  • KIA
  • Proton
  • United
  • DFSK

Top bike brands in Pakistan

There are hundreds of bike companies in Pakistan making locally and assembling bikes after importing spare parts from foreign countries like China and Japan. Following are some top operating major bike companies working in Pakistan:

  • Suzuki
  • Atlas Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Road Prince
  • United
  • Ravi
  • Derbi
  • Vespa
  • Benelli
  • Keeway
  • Moto Guzzi
  • Crown
  • Eagle
  • Super Power 
  • Unique
  • Pak Hero

All these bike brands are both local and imported, making economical and very durable bikes for Pakistani roads.

Future of the automotive industry in Pakistan

The automotive industry in Pakistan is growing at a very fast pace due to advancements in automobile technology. The future is looking very bright in this specific category because a large number of new vehicle brands are launching as local manufacturers as well as imported assemblers.

Electric automobiles

Electric bikes have been introduced but still, they are not successful because of the electricity shortage in our country. A very big reason why electric vehicles will not survive in Pakistan is because of very poor road infrastructure.

The Pakistani government is looking forward to improving road infrastructure for electric vehicles but a lot of time and resources will be required which is making it hard for the government to maintain a very good infrastructure for electric engines. In conclusion to this electric vehicles are not successful in Pakistan and require a lot of years.

Many vehicle brands introduced some low fuel consumption but efficient engines suitable to the country’s infrastructure. These engines can be a good replacement for electric engines at this time.

Jolta electric is one of the major brands that took the very first step in introducing electric bike engines but at this time, they are not successful in maintaining durable batteries for bikes to run long on Pakistani roads. Jolta Electric CEO is actively trying to improving the quality and bike technology for the Pakistani economy. 


Automobile technology and the local market will actively grow as the population is growing. Some new engine types with advanced technology will come but in the case of electric engines, it is still hard to survive through.


Are vehicles going to shift to electric engines in Pakistan?
In developed countries, electric engines are introduced and are successful, but in Pakistan, they are not as successful as in developed countries.

Who has the largest market share in the automotive industry of Pakistan?
In the case of car brands, Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki have the largest and most competitive market share. In the case of bikes, Atlas Honda and Yamaha have the largest market shares in Pakistan.

Is Pakistan able to manufacture its own automobile?
Pakistan is actively and successfully manufacturing its own motorbikes and cars, and many new companies are coming and consistently succeeding in this domain.

How imported vehicles are manageable in Pakistan?
In Pakistan, a whole import vehicle is not an economical and cost-effective decision, but assembling new engines after importing spare parts is a good idea, many brands are surviving just by assembling spare parts after importing from overseas countries.