Berger Paint Prices in Pakistan 2023

The latest Berger paints prices in Pakistan have been listed on our site. Berger paint is a high-quality German paint available in the Pakistani market at affordable prices. A few years back this paint wasn’t available in Pakistan, but due to the rising demand for such materials in Pakistan as the economy is growing, this Paint has a large customer base than other paints.

Berger as an international paint company is selling the best paint in Pakistan made from high-quality ingredients and industrial processes. Today this paint brand became on the list of popular and widely used paints in Pakistan.

Berger Paints Rate List

Berger PaintsQuantity/SizePrice
All-rounder matt enamel873-13028 PKR
NU Metallic EnamelQuarter 761 PKR
NU Metallic EnamelGallon2812 PKR
Synthetic Metallic EnamelQuarter819 PKR
Wheather Shield ProGallon3115 PKR
Top Class (Putty)Drum1000 PKR
Top Class (Putty)Gallon4662 PKR
Nu EmulsionGallon1225 PKR
SPD Semi-Plastic Emulsion PaintGallon1153 PKR
SPD Semi-Plastic Emulsion PaintDrum1896 PKR
SPD Semi-Plastic Emulsion PaintQuarter7273 PKR
Timber Coat ThinnerDrum504 PKR
Timber Coat ThinnerGallon 12350 PKR
Timber Coat ThinnerQuarter2427 PKR
Clear Varnish SyntheticGallon696 PKR
Clear Varnish SyntheticQuarter2134 PKR
Clear Wood LacquerGallon623 PKR

Burger Wall Putty Prices

Top Class PuttyDrum4662 PKR
Top Class PuttyGallon1225 PKR
NU PuttyGallon702 PKR
Nu PuttyDrum2403 PKR
Wall PuttyDrum3492 PKR
Wall PuttyGallon1146 PKR

Berger Painst Suppliers in Pakistan:

Like other paint suppliers that are very commonly selling all types of paints, berger paint suppliers are very few across the country. There are very few dealers and suppliers who deal in Berger paints. Following are dealers that deals in this special paint brand.

  1. Khana Paint House
  2. Wali Paint House
  3. Ahmed Paint House
  4. Ali Paint House
  5. Butt Paint House
  6. Ibrar Paint House

Best Things About Berger Paint:

  • Its an imported paint and made from German technology.
  • Dozens of paint categories are available for this paint company.
  • Berger is no doubt a high-quality paint being used by high-budgeted people.
  • The final color of this paint on the wall is very much balanced and textured.
  • Great quality color schemes with a wide range of color combinations.
  • Long-lasting and durable over cemented walls.
  • Every time you buy this paint will almost give the same final color scheme over the wall.
  • By choosing Berger, you will have options to choose wall paint, distempers, putty, oil paint, and many7 other options.
  • Compared to other paints, this company offers a wide range spectrum of paints for Pakistani customers with affordable both retail and wholesale prices.
  • Perfectly Sealed and packed inside custom packaging.


Choosing the best paint for your walls is a little bit of time taking process, we recommend you always take time before actually buying any paint from the market. Always keep in mind you must purchase a high-quality paint from the market or you will end up ruining your wall color and quality. There is no shame in consulting experts who can help you choose the best and most suitable paint for your home or walls.

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