Bricks Price in Pakistan Today 2023 

A single unit of brick price moves between 12 and 15 Pkr. In Pakistan, a minimum quantity of 500 units can be ordered which covers the space of a cart. There are two categories of brick carriage exist, 1000 and 3000 units per tractor-trolly. Bricks are very useful and base construction elements for buildings.


Remember, the brick rate too depends on the economic condition of the industry, so there is no guarantee that brick prices will remain the same rate per unit throughout the year. Also, keep in mind, there are 3 types of bricks available in the market on the basis of their material and quality.

Latest brick rates today In Pakistan

Brick Type1000 Bricks Price3000 Bricks priceSingle Brick Price
Grade A14000 PKR42,500 PKR14 PKR
Grade B12,500 PKR37,500 PKR12.5 PKR
Grade C11,000 PKR33,000 PKR11 PKR

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brick price in pakistan today
rate of brick in pakistan

Brick prices like other construction materials are changeable, but not as quickly as steel, guarders, cement, and other building material. In different cities of Pakistan, brick prices are different due to the transportation cost and distance from the factory.

Bricks are categorized on the basis of their toughness and long-lasting nature. For 3 decades, the brick quality in the country is being compromised, but the good news is: now there are many local brick makers who really don’t compromise on quality and actively produce high-quality durable bricks. Such industrialists convince other manufacturers to put a high-quality product on the market shelf.

Pakistan is no doubt a leading country in developing and building industries like other under-developed countries are. In recent years, Pakistan exported construction materials of more than $41200 to only 4 nearby countries. Pakistan is generating this revenue for a long time, this is only happening because Pakistan is providing quality in such goods.


Cities in Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, and Gujranwala may show different prices when you actually go to the market for purchasing bricks, and is very much normal in the changing prices in Pakistani market.

Pakistani Brick Brands

There are dozens of companies who are really making good quality bricks for many past years, following are some top-of-the-list brick brands you can consider.

  1. Keystone Pvt ltd
  2. E-Trade Pakistan
  3. Zawan Bricks
  4. Reackon concretes pvt ltd
  5. AB Thekedaar and Constructions

Types of Bricks in Pakistan

  • Engineering bricks:
  • Concrete bricks:
  • Sand lime bricks:
  • Fly ash clay bricks:
  • Burnt clay bricks:

Bricks manufacturing process in Pakistan

Bricks production process is a kind of time taking and high energy required process which requires some days even 1 week in dry season.

  • Step 1: Thick mud or clay is first collected in a large container.
  • Step 2: Clay is then put into specially designed shapers or brackets.
  • Step 3: After clay is being put into shapers, it is then left for some hours or a day to get the shape of the shapers.
  • Step 4: After some hours or a day passed, the designed clay is then released from the shaper and placed in the open environment in sun for 2 or 3 days for complete dryness.
  • Step 5: After bricks get dried completely now they are ready to face large-sized outdoor ovens (path) in which specialized coals are burning at extremely high temperatures.
  • Step 6: Non-heated bricks are then transferred into large trays with metal surface and now they are ready to be baked.
  • Step 7: After transferring them in trays into ovens, they are heated at a great temperature for about 1 or 2 days.
  • Step 8: After they are completed baked to red color, they are transferred again into the open environment in air to lower their heat emission to room temperature. Now they are ready for selling.

Pros and cons of using bricks instead of blocks

  • Bricks are cheaper than blocks and can be purchased in high volumes by investing little money.
  • These are best for residential or small-scale buildings because of lower prices than concrete blocks.
  • Are easily moveable if you had purchased them in bulk. You can move them in small carts even in lower quantities.
  • Are durable for small structured buildings and can even handle large jerks or earthquakes.
  • Regular or red bricks are easily breakable when they are in the process of installation in building structure. You can easily break them into smaller pieces if they are not adjusting in smaller spaces.
  • You can also cut them easily using a cutter or grinder which is not the same case in large-sized blocks.


  • Not compatible with bigger commercial buildings or plazas structures. it will also be not cost-effective if you buy red bricks in huge quantities for extremely larger buildings

Precautions to be understood

  • Do not invest in low-quality bricks if you are buying them for your personal purpose or for even commercial purposes. Always use high-quality bricks in your construction project for the longevity of the building. Also if you are buying for reselling, do not get low-quality bricks, it can create disasters in the long run
  • Before purchasing bricks for a project, do some research yourself or calculate how many brick units you are actually required for your construction project. this will save you a lot of cost to be wasted.
  • Also, create a plan for your building project in which the bricks rate should be added for controlling the overall finances or cost of your project.
  • After buying, do not overload your tractor trolly at maximum containing, release some space in the container, this will help you safely and easily transportation of bricks. There is a huge number of cases in Pakistan in which the trolly was loaded at full, due to which whole containers got upside-down and resulted in huge money loss for bricks.


What is the average price of a brick in Pakistan?

The average cost of a single brick unit in Pakistan will cost you 14 or 15 rupees.

How much bricks are required in per sq ft?

You are typically required to have 5/6 bricks per square foot coverage.


When choosing bricks or any other material related to building construction, always chose quality over quantity, it will bring long-term results and goodwill. Selecting a low-quality constructional product can bring disasters in the future due to non-durability.

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