Bridge Battery Price in Pakistan

Bridge battery price in Pakistan is considered normal-range as this is one of the competent batteries with good performance and output battery cells. The giant company Rainbow Hitech is making this battery with the name of industrial battery in Pakistan.

 Bridge batteries are most commonly incorporated in vehicles and a minimal number of people utilize this battery as an inverter and UPS-supportive battery due to its small size and little longevity in comparison to other batteries in Pakistan. If we compare this battery with other battery prices in Pakistan, you will find it low priced for sure.

bridge power batteries
Bridge power batteries

Bridge battery rate list 2023

Bridge Battery ModelsAmperePrice
RB40 5PL 16Ah3500 PKR
RB48 7PL 24Ah4600 PKR
RB50 9PL 32Ah6000 PKR
CNG60 11PL 32Ah7000 PKR
RB75 13PL 45Ah8000 PKR
RB85 9PL 50Ah8000 PKR
RB88 11PL 60Ah9000 PKR
RB100 11PL 70Ah10000 PKR
RB90 13PL 70Ah10500 PKR
RB110 13PL 75Ah11000 PKR
RB120 15PL 85Ah12500 PKR
RB130 15PL 90Ah14000 PKR
RB135 17PL 95Ah15000 PKR
RB145 17PL 100Ah15000 PKR
RB155 19PL 110Ah16500 PKR
RB170 19PL 115Ah18000 PKR
RB180 21PL 120Ah19000 PKR
RB200 21PL 140Ah 20000 PKR
RB190 23PL 135Ah20500 PKR
RB220 23PL 150Ah23000 PKR
RB240 25PL 160Ah24500 PKR
RB250  27PL 175Ah25500 PKR
RB265 32PL 200Ah32000 PKR
RB275 33PL 220PL33000 PKR

All bridge battery prices with their power ampere and plate count are listed, these prices and models with their features are currently going in Pakistan without any further modification.

Bridge battery suppliers in Pakistan

Bridge battery manufacturers and suppliers are doing great work since the first launch of this battery to make it one of the best-performing batteries in the Pakistani market. The following are selected and authorized suppliers for Bridge batteries in Pakistan:

  • Bilal Best Battery
  • Bridge Power Regional Office
  • Qasim Battery Store
  • MashAllah Battery Center
  • GS Traders
  • Battery Center
  • Raja Ram and Sons Automobile Batteries
  • Millat Batteries
  • Bridge Power Agency
  • Sony Auto Electrical
  • Battery Max
  • Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering
  • Bridge Power Peshawar
  • Delux Battery Service
  • Hawk Battery Center
  • Cheema Battery Center
  • Rana Battery Store


Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar, and Bahwalpur can show a minor price variation according to geolocation.


Bridge batteries are personally being used and are very good performing with small cars and SUVs. If you are planning to bulk purchase this battery, my personal advice to you is to talk with an industry expert or a person in your family who know in-depth about this market.

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