Canadian Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Canadian panels are widely known among Pakistani people because these are considered high-quality solar plates that give maximum energy output when exposed to sunlight. Canadian solar panels is a Canadian but Chinese-made imported solar cell by Canadian Solar Inc which is a specialized firm in making durable solar panels with a specific target market in Pakistan.

These days now solar panels are very much trending in the Pakistani economy as these are the most cost-effective and one-time cost solution to the load-shedding crisis going from a long time in Pakistan. Their prices are almost not changing regularly as all solar panel prices in Pakistan,  but yes their prices keep changing according to the current inflation factor going on.

canadian solar panels
Canadian solar panels

Canadian solar plate price in Pakistan

Solar PanelWattPrice 
Hiku7 Mono Perc66084480 PKR
Mono Perc59075520 PKR
Mono Perc65083200 PKR
Mono Perc65583840 PKR
Half Cut Poly Perc36046080 PKR
Mono Perc44556960 PKR
Mono half Celled54569760 PKR
Mono Half Celled54069120 PKR
Half Cut Poly Perc42554400 PKR
Mono Half Cell55070400 PKR
Bifacial Mono Perc65583840 PKR
Bifacial Mono Perc66084480 PKR
Mono Perc44556960 PKR
Bifacial Mono Perc53067840 PKR
Mono Perc53568480 PKR

All categories of Candia Solar panels are listed with their current going market prices in Pakistan. There are many other types of Candial solars that are currently not imported to Pakistan and are not easily available.

Important Note

Note: Canadian solar panel prices in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, Vehari, Faisalabad, Jhang, Chiniot, DG Khan, DI Khan, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Sukkur, Kot Addu, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujarat, Azad Kashmir, and Abbottabad

Canadian solar panel suppliers in Pakistan

You will find hundreds of solar system sellers in the Pakistani market, but some are as below you can choose to buy from.

  • Sultan Solars
  • Net Solar Systems
  • Bright Solars
  • Rajput Solar Cells
  • Zorays Solars
  • Pak Solar Traders
  • Power Highway Solar Systems
  • Smart Solar Cells
  • Pakistan Solar Company
  • Pak Energy Solar Power

Best things about Canadian Solar Panels

  • Canadian solar panels are imported from China and are durable with high-quality energy cells used in the plate.
  • These panels are quality-wise very original as these are made under Chinese work standards.
  • The company making this is not a small company, it is following international standards and is also listed publicly, this means the company is not run by 1 or 2 people, but there is a grant workforce handling firm operations.
  • China and Pakistan trades are not expensive due to which the product prices after import duties aren’t increased much, this makes Canadian panels low cost in Pakistan.
  • We know that solar panels are one-time costs against load-shedding but remember, this is only possible when you are buying high-quality solar plates for setup. Suppose you have purchased a third-class low-quality solar panel, chances are high it will get damaged metal sides when getting exposed to 4 seasons in Pakistan within a year.
  • The side frame of this panel is made of aluminum, this material never gets rusted when getting contact with water.
  • There is almost no maintenance cost for using such panels, only you have to clean the dust on its surface weekly or monthly. Cleaning its surface will give you more energy output. 
  • These are multiple-usage solar panels, you can set them with UPS, inverters, and any direct electronic compliance.
  • Al last but not least best thing about the company panel is that it gives exactly the same amount of output energy as promised.


Is a Canadian solar panel a Canadian company?

Yes, it’s a Canadian company with the name Canada Solar Incorporation also operating in China.

What is the cheapest plate of Canadian Solar in Pakistan?

The most low-cost solar plate of Canadian Solar in Half Cut Poly Perc with 425 watts output energy.


Buy this panel without further thinking anymore because it’s a premium quality solar plate with immensely long life usage. You can also plan to invest in the share market of this solar panel company because the company share in the stock market is very much stable and even growing on a decade basis, always consult an expert before investing in the share market in case you are interested (we are not expert in share market).

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