The energy category is built for the commodities related to energy natural resources like petrol, diesel, and all inflammable resources that provide energy to engines.

Such commodities play a very vital role in all economies of the world and their absence can harm the country’s economy badly at an extreme level. Due to such resources daily trades in any country are not even possible to happen, and any disturbance in daily trade can affect the overall economic condition of a country.

What we are covering in Energy Category

We are covering all the commodities that fall under this category from liquid energy commodities to gas, and powdered form energy commodities.

Prices for all these products really matter in Pakistan because a country like Pakistan is having an extremely large geographical area. A country with a large geographical area depends highly on transportation in all international trades and good transport.

All the prices in this category are being updated by industry professionals that are working in the automobile industry. The members updating prices in this category have years of experience in the industry and are highly qualified in the same industry.

Following are all the prices here are actively updated by our team members and all the prices are authentic and related to the local Pakistani market. The prices you see here may sometime not match the exact prices when you actually go into the market to buy the product, this happens due to actively changing market conditions in Pakistan. All the prices are true, however, there are chances of human errors.

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