Cement Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 | Cement Price in Pakistan

Want to know the current cement prices in Pakistan? Cement costs like other industrial product prices fluctuate throughout the year typically in month or two months intervals. An undeveloped country like Pakistan has a high demand for cement and other construction material due to its continuously growing economy.

A growing economy possesses a number of different brands working on the same product, due to which quality is a big issue. To minimize the issue of unauthorized and non-quality brand products, we have only selected some top-of-the-market performing cement brands.

پاکستان میں سیمنٹ کی موجودہ قیمتیں

cement rate today
cement price today

Cement rates today in Pakistan | Cement bag price in Pakistan Today

Cement BrandsPrice
DG Cement1180-1,190 PKR
Lucky Cement1,190-1,1200 PKR
Maple Leaf Cement1,185-1,200 PKR
Maple Leaf White Cement (40KG)1,850-1,900 PKR
Bestway Cement1,200-1,205 PKR
Fauji Cement1,190-1,200 PKR
Kohat Cement1,195-1,200 PKR
Attock Cement1,195-1,200 PKR
PakCem1,200-1,205 PKR
Askari Cement1,195-1,200 PKR
Pioneer1,195-1,200 PKR
Flying Cement1,200-1,205 PKR
Power Cement1,195-1,200 PKR
Cherat Cement1,195-1,200 PKR
today cement rate in pakistan

White cement price in Pakistan

White Cement CompanyPrice
Kohat white cement1700-1800 PKR
Maple leaf white cement1,850-1,900 PKR
white cement bag price

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There is no doubt inflation is touching new heights as time is passing, due to which prices of all goods are increasing on a regular basis. There is a regular price addition of pkr 100-120 every week, this is the reason why the actual price of a 50kg cement bag is fluctuating around 1100 rupees.

Constant increments in cement and other constructional components have a bad impact on the industry which made many builders and construction companies out of business these days. A single uncertainty in the industry is capable of making the whole industry experience crisis.

General purpose cement which is also known as ordinary portland cement is the most important grey cement powder required in the basic building structure. This cement can make or break the entire foundation of a building, so choosing an authority brand for this cement is as crucial as oxygen in your life. 

Several new cement companies started working due to the rise in colony trend in Pakistan after Bahria Housing Scheme and other giants. These private housing societies made dozens of companies survive on the board in many economic instabilities, but a fact is these companies may rely on such schemes ignoring the importance of exporting their material to foreign countries. 

Important Note

Choosing the best quality cement in Pakistan is as necessary as oxygen for humans because a country like Pakistan has 4 seasons in 1 whole year. Also, note that cement rates will not be exactly the same in all cities, there will be a slight variation in prices in all cities including Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Bahawalpur.

Cement suppliers in Pakistan

You can find hundreds and thousands of cement manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan other than branded or non-branded sellers. Following are some selected local cement suppliers and dealers available in the market:

  • Cherat Co Ltd
  • Sarwar Cement Suppliers
  • Kohinoor Mapple Lead Group of Companies
  • Khan Traders
  • Bestway Cement Wholesaler
  • Nazeer Muslim
  • Chaudhary and Brother Co
  • Butt and Sons Cement Suppliers
  • Naeem and Brothers Cement
  • Gul Enterprises
  • Ch Mohammad Khalid and Sons
  • Chaudhary Building Materials
  • Pioneer Cement Dealers
  • Iftikhar Ahmed Cement Dealers
  • Umair Butt Building Material
  • Shahid Cements & Construction Materials
  • Al Fattah Enterprises
  • Caravan Traders
  • Al Rahman Iron and Cement Store
  • Cement Pak Company
  • Jameel Cement
  • Pak Cement and Steel Corporation
  • Mian G Subsidiary and Cement
  • Abdul Hameed Associates
  • Ikram Cement Dealers
  • Chaudhary Munir Cement Store
  • Pak Building Material Store
  • Dandot Cement Factory
  • Amjad Cement Agency
  • Mehar Murtaza Cement Agency
  • Horizon Cements
  • Rajput Cement House
  • Shah G Cement Store

Types of Cement in Pakistan

There are uncountable types of cement available in the market but choosing them accordingly is not a work of an ordinary person, this can only be recommended by an experienced constructor who knows for what purpose and type of building he is going to develop. Following are some famous types of cement listed.

  • Low heat cement
  • Quick setting cement
  • Rapid hardening cement
  • PPC cement  (Portland Pozzolona Cements)
  • Sulfate resistor cement
  • OPC Cement (Ordinary Portland Cement)
  • Blast furnace slag cement
  • High alumina cement
  • Hydrographic cement
  • Expandable cement
  • Firm white cement
  • Colored cement

Difference between white cement and black cement

The main difference between white and black cement is that black cement is an ordinary cement that is low cost and used for filling large spaces in construction, while white cement is a finishing cement that is used for filling smaller spaces in walls and flooring.

White cement is stronger as compared to black due to the presence of aluminate and calcium content within the cement. White cement becomes hard as stone after setting within some hours which requires some other finishing tools for finishing and making the rough surface plain.

What type of cement should I buy

Choosing good quality cement before you go for any big construction project is important. Before you pay for any cement make sure the cement is made by a good authoritative company with a good public rating of 5 stars.

Do not compromise on cement quality, high-quality cement will always show good results in your building construction. Durable home structures are very important to have, to achieve this you will have to invest your money in purchasing good quality cement bags.


Why cement price is increasing?

Cement prices are increasing due to high inflation in Pakistan and in the world.

How much cement is required for a construction project?

To know how much cement requirement per cubic meter, 0.98/0.1345=7.29 bags.

Which cement is the most popular cement in Pakistan?

DG cement and Fauji cement are the most popular and widely used cement of all time in Pakistan.

What factors affect the cement rate in Pakistan?

Cement rate in Pakistan is mostly affected by the current economic conditions and regularly changing transportation charges due to changing fuel prices.


If you are going to buy cement in bulk quantity consult with an industry expert or professional having experience in the industry. If you think you have no experience in the industry, consult with a construction specialist to save yourself from fraud and unauthorized cement companies. There are many unauthorized cement companies operating in Pakistan selling third-class or low-quality to their inexperienced customers.

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