Cherat Cement Price in Pakistan 2024

Cherat cement is one of the affordable or cheapest cement in Pakistan and can be purchased in bulk quantities for a very low price compared to other cement in the Pakistani market.

In terms of quality Cherat cement is not so high and not so low, you can consider it as a normal or average quantity of cement. Also, remember that this cement is one of the cement very popularly used in Pakistan.

If we talk about its price or affordability, compared to other cement prices in Pakistan it’s low priced with maintained quality and there is a large population in the construction industry that prefers this cement.

Cherat Cement Price List

Cement CompanyPrice Per Bag
Cherat Cement1,195-1,190 PKR

Pros and Cons of Using Cherat Cement

Before you buy Cherat cement, know the pros and cons of this cement brand.


  • With low price, Cherat is a high-quality cement that normally comes in high quality cement of the local Pakistani industry.
  • High durable for making small to large size buildings whether commercial or non-commercial.
  • Due to its low price, you can buy bulk amounts of these cements easily without compromising on your budget.
  • Cherat has achieved a level of quality through years, now its cement is being exported to foreign countries.


  • There is no negative feedback has been recorded in recent years in terms of quality of this cement.


Is Cherat a good cement brand in Pakistan?

Yes, its a good cement and counts among the top cement brands of Pakistan, Cherat has provided its services in the construction industry very deliberately.

How much cement Cherat is produced per year in Pakistan?

It has been estimated that Cherat has produced more than 4.5 million tons of cement in recent year.

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