CNG Price in Pakistan Per KG 2023

Compressed Natural Gas or CNG price is consistently rising as the prices of oil increase. CNG is a cheap solution for countries like Pakistan due to its low rates and compatibility with certain vehicle engines, it cost low as compared to other petroleum products, but there is no doubt it significantly lowers the life of your vehicle engine.

CNG is a gas that is produced after the compression of natural gas at a high pressure of about 200kg/cm2 in a chamber. It is a mixture of methane and hydrocarbon and is considered the biggest substitute for petrol and diesel in third-world countries like Pakistan.

New CNG rates per kg

CNG Rates Per KGRegion 
225 Pkr/kgPunjab and Sindh
143 Pkr/kgKPK, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujjar Khan and some Potohar regions.
cng prices in Pakistan

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CNG is a proper fuel for automobiles, but it is not a permanent solution as petroleum or electricity, due to the biggest reason it causes engine plates and other spare parts of your car at higher risk of getting eroded. The Pakistani government is taking action at the provincial level to stop the trade of CNG.

Due to the increasing penetration of electric cars in other countries, CNG is being considered a low-demanding gas. Now countries are fast moving forward towards electric engines due to their huge benefits to the environment and cheapness.

Best CNG providers in Pakistan

CNG is not recommended for your cars, even then you really need quality gas from a legal company or CNG provider, following is a list of some legit and authoritative brands:

  • Go CNG  (Multan)
  • Gas Linker CNG Station (Multan)
  • Askari CNg Station (Multan)
  • Hascol Petrol and CNG (Gujranwala)
  • Star CNG Station (Sialkot)
  • Landirenzo (Karachi)
  • PSO (whole Pakistan)
  • CNG Hub (Lahore)
  • Galaxy Fluids (Islamabad)
  • Mariam CNG Station (Faisalabad)
  • SES Enterprises Mian & Co Filling and CNG Station 
  • Moon Rays CNG and Filling Station (Faisalabad)
  • Sky Motors CNG (Karachi)
  • Target CNG Station (Karachi)
  • Jaleel CNG & Auto Services (Karachi)

Pros and cons of using CNG for your engine


  • Cheap and easily affordable for your car in tough economic situations.
  • Most of the time it is eco-friendly fuel.
  • Good for small-engine vehicles because it is cost-effective in small vehicles.


  • It requires a separate engine kit installation to run on a car.
  • In the long run, it can hurt your vehicle’s engine.
  • Not easily available now in most cities due to some government allegations.
  • After installing a CNG gas kit in your engine you might not have any other option.


Is CNG available in Pakistan these days?

Yes CNG is still available in Pakistan, but it is rare now, only a few cities have this.

Is CNG low price than petrol?

Yes, it is low priced and more cost-effective than petrol.


As discussed above excessive use of CNG is never recommended for your engine by all mechanical engineers and the government. There is an option available in the Pakistani Automotive industry: if you want to convert your vehicle engine to a dual-power engine, you can easily install a petrol kit into your engine. Installing this kit will help you shift your engine on petrol whenever you want or when your CNG tank goes over.

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