Construction Material Rates in Pakistan 2023 Overview

Construction material rates in a developing economy like Pakistan really matter because of the in-demand work for building developers on a daily basis. Building material rates in Pakistan change on a weekly, monthly, or sometimes daily basis.

Prices in Pakistan for all materials including construction constantly change according to the fluctuations in the growing economy.

We have covered all the prices related to construction materials locally in Pakistan for every city and company. Prices for construction material change city-wise and company-wise. In Pakistan there are all types of materials available in different price ranges from good quality to low quality.

building materials in pakistan

Construction material list and estimated rates we have covered 

Material TypeUnit QuantityEstimated Rates
Cement pricePer bag800-2000 Pkr
DG Cement
Fauji Cement
Saria PricePer sutar/mm203-210 PKR
Girder PricePer KG / feet150-400 PKR
Bricks RatePer single unit11-15 PKR
Bajri PricePer trolly45000-73000 PKR
Aluminum Windows PricesPer piece and quality40-70 PKR
Copper PricePer KG1500-300 PKR
PVC Doors PricesPer square foot350-600 PKR
Marble PricePer type and square foot50-1500 PKR
Plywood Doors PricesCubic feet1000-5500 PKR
Wooden Floor Pricesmm150-300 PKR
UV Sheet Pricesmm2000-9000 PKR
Fiber sheet pricesper/sqft30-50 PKR
Thermocol Sheet200-800 PKR
Glass Sheet100-500 PKR
GM Cables3000-16000 PKR
PVC Ceiling300-500 PKR
GI Sheet2000-5000 PKR
PVC Pipe ft25-3300 PKR
Concrete Blocks24-70 PKR
Iron Chokat2040-9750 PKR
Wood Price8500-22500 PKR
DPC Membrane Sheet25-3000 PKR
Pipe Price400-16650 PKR
Garden Pipe 610-4000 PKR
Sand Price in Pakistan
building material prices Pakistan

All the rates discussed are estimations, for details about the construction material prices click on the given links above.

Checking rates for all construction materials is necessary for people working locally in the construction or building development insudustry like property dealers, builders, laborers, and all the people connected with this growing industry.

To calculate construction material before actually going to start work on the site, you can estimate using these construction calculators.

Best Construction Material Companies in Pakistan

Construction businesses are very growing and hot business types in Pakistan, This industry including Pakistan and other underdeveloped countries is growing at a very fast pace. Due to the immature economy and underdevelopment of the country, there are hundreds of construction companies of Pakistan as follows:

Concrete / Cement

  • Pioneer Cement
  • Kohat Cement
  • Tetra Engineering
  • Cherat Cement Private Limited

Bricks / Eent

  • Envicrete
  • Shadman Traders
  • Sika Pakistan
  • An Bangs Industries Private Limited


  • Beta Pipes
  • Jamal Pipes Industries
  • Fast Flow Pipes Private Limited
  • Adamjee DuraBuilt
  • Haroon Impex


  • Pioneer Cables Private Limited
  • Pearl Cables and Conductors
  • Orient Trading Company
  • Atta Steel and Copper Industries
  • Bushra Enterprises

Metal / Steel

  • FF Steel
  • Chawla Aluminum 
  • GR Aluminum
  • Agha Steel Industries Private Limited
  • Kamran Steels
  • Pakistan Alco
  • Bilal Steel Mills
  • Prime Aluminum
  • Mughal Steep 
  • Model Steel

Glass (Doors and Windows)

  • Tariq Float Glass
  • Ghani Glass Limited
  • Al Fattah Glass
  • Lakhani Glass

Construction Labor Rates in Pakistan

Labor rates by most of the people are included in the whole construction cost, but some people ignore this investment and later they remember it. However, labor rates should always be included in the overall construction cost because this construction is impossible to happen.

The Labour community in Pakistan charges hardly in between 200-400 Pkr per square feet area.

In some regions of Pakistan labor is paid on daily wages and the daily charges are 500-800 Pkr and sometime 1000 Pkr due to increasing inflation.

Different regions of Pakistan have different labor rates, but they are most of the time the same because these rates are always in the eye of the government. Pakistani government under the leadership of Imran Khan played a major role in increasing the labor rates.

Very few regions are there having different or lowered labor wages, because of the geographical location of that specific region. In extremely under-developed areas of Pakistan or areas having very low wages due to city-wise low economical rates are different. People of such areas need a very little amount to survive in the economy because their personal expenditures are very minimal.

Labor should be paid a higher amount

Labor in our country is extremely underpaid and the amount of work they deliver is more than the wages. This is all because the labor profession is the most underrated and lowered scale of work in countries like Pakistan.

We should never ignore their importance and try to pay them well accordingly. Some extra wages or extra tips will not cost high for upper-level professionals working in this industry.

Note: Different companies in Pakistan are providing materials at different rates because different companies are manufacturing construction materials on different scales and techniques.


Construction material rates are always fluctuating in Pakistan. If you are looking to buy construction materials for your construction projects, above are some top-of-the-list companies mentioned to purchase from. All the brands mentioned are authorized and very famous locally. Historically they are industry leaders and doing a great job in the market while providing quality materials to their customers.


Why construction material prices are increasing?

As inflation is increasing at a global level due to the increase in population, all the product prices including construction materials are increasing.

How much do building material cost?

Building material costs always depend on the company and quality of the material you are using, it has not the same or specific price for each product.

Is Pakistan currently exporting construction material to foreign countries?

Yes Pakistan is exporting a high quality cement in large amounts to many of the tier 1 countries in the world creating a great impact in the Pakistan’s economy.