Cotton Price in Pakistan, Phutti Rates 2023

Cotton price is also a daily matter if you belong to the textile or apparel industry. Raw cotton is also known as phutti locally in Pakistan. Cotton is one of the largest agriculture crops in the world presented internationally by Pakistan and is considered among the biggest cotton-crop-producing countries.

Unprocessed or raw cotton rates on daily basis greatly affect the whole apparel or textile industry. The corporate sector dealing with the manufacturing of apparel or textile goods has to take cotton prices seriously on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Cotton prices may differ in different cities due to different customs and transportation costs applied.

cotton phutti
Cotton phutti

New cotton phutti rates in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KP

City / RegionMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price
Lodhra6000 PKR6900 PKR7800 PKR
Bahawalnagar7215 PKR7800 PKR8386 PKR
Sahiwal6000 PKR7300 PKR8600 PKR
Rahim Yar Khan5667 PKR7217 PKR8767 PKR
Khanewal5000 PKR6550 PKR8100 PKR
Vehari6000 PKR7100 PKR8200 PKR
Nawabshah5800 PKR6600 PKR7400 PKR
Gotki7000 PKR7250 PKR7500 PKR
Sukkur7000 PKR7250 PKR7500 PKR
Sanghar5500 PKR6125 PKR6750 PKR
Naushro Feroz5000 PKR6400 PKR7800 PKR
Barkhan7500 PKR8000 PKR8500 PKR
Kharan7800 PKR8150 PKR8500 PKR
Panjgur7500 PKR7850 PKR8200 PKR
Khuzdar8000 PKR8375 PKR8750 PKR
Lasbella5500 PKR5950 PKR6400 PKR
Kalat8000 PKR8400 PKR8800 PKR
Turbat7500 PKR7750 PKR8000 PKR

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Cotton rates have been mentioned above in Pakistani rupees in different local regions of Pakistan for a clear estimation. Some regions may show increased prices due to customs and some transportation costs.

Important Note

You may see little bit distinct cotton rates in Pakistan including cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Khanpur, Chistian, Vehari, DG Khan, DI Khan, Toba Tek Singh, Mirpur, Ghotki Khairpur, Hyderabad, Rajanpur, Londhran, Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Hasilpur, Mian ChannuSadiqabad, liaqatpur, Fortabbas, Faqirwala, Peshawar, Quetta, Gujranwala, and Sialkot.

How cotton is produced

  • Many people are confused about the production of cotton balls, most people think it’s manufactured by a factory but it’s not. Cotton is a completely organic crop of the agriculture industry that grows on green plants like other green crops. After maturing the cotton plant, little white soft cotton balls grow on the plant top which is cultivated later.
  • The cotton plant is known as Gossypium and its very suitable for the environment of Pakistan. The suitability of this plant is the major reason Pakistan is amongst the largest cotton producers. This plant needs minimal resources and fertilizers to grow as compared to other crops. 
  • Cotton price in Pakistan local market is a clear indication that how much cotton is being produced in the present year. If the production of cotton is abundant the local prices will automatically be low and if production is low, then you may experience higher prices.

Cotton and Pakistan Economy

  • Pakistan’s economy solely running by the production and trade of cotton and textile sector. This industry is the first largest national industry in the country, then comes the fertilizers, and chemical industry. The cotton and textile industry is the biggest running a positive cashflow in Pakistan.
  • With very limited government support and the consistent economic crisis of Pakistan, still this industry makes a stand Pakistan in the world’s top six cotton and textile manufacturing countries dealing in the global economy.
  • In case you are into the cotton business or planning to start the cotton industry in the future, an important thing for you to be understood is that: most the first-hand cotton producers in Pakistan sell their produced cotton bales to small to large-scale cotton industries directly, but in most the cases they are looking for prices to be increased in order to achieve maximum profits. If you are looking to purchase, you can collect data from industries in the market and approach first-hand cotton sellers or farmers for direct cotton purchase from them after negotiation. try to not to add any third party within you and the cotton farmer, otherwise, you will not be able to maximize the cost-effectiveness.
  • Pakistani cotton economy in terms of cotton production has maintained a positive image in the world due to a range of cotton types and high quality delivered. For this reason, if you start a cotton industry, chances are high that you will be succeeded in the field and may be successful in acquiring international clients for your brand.


How much cotton is produced in Pakistan every year?

According to recent 2022 stats, the overall cotton production in Pakistan has reached 1000,480 pounds in weight.

How much of the total world’s cotton comes from Pakistan?

The total world’s cotton Pakistan alone has delivered 1306 metric tons of cotton which is greater than other countries.


If you are going to buy raw cotton in bulk for your production unit or for any of your big textile projects, keep a professional or an expert with you having expertise in the industry. If this is not possible, do consult with the consultants who spent years in the industry, they will guide you better on the matter. There is nothing wrong with consulting with a qualified industrialist, this will always help you in your complex economical matters. Expert advice can save you from victim of a big disaster and build a fortune for you and your country. 

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