Current Gold Rate in Pakistan | 24 and 22 Carat Gold Rate in Pakistan 2023

Current gold rates in Pakistan have reached the highest position in the history of not only Pakistan but the whole world. There are hundreds of people living in Pakistan who are gold investors because of it quality fo reserving your money or saving your money from inflation.

Despite creased hikes in the inflation graph and the overall economic prices in Pakistan, the people of Pakistan still prefer to invest their money in gold due to its durable worth. We all know gold prices don’t get on appreciation as we see in property or real estate, but still its one of the safest investments to save your money.

gold price in pakistan

Pakistan gold rate 22 carat and 24

Current Gold Rate in Pakistan WeightGPrice
24 Karat Gold Price in Pakistan10 grams184,414 PKR
24 Karat1 Tola215,100 PKR
22 Karat Gold Price in Pakistan10 grams169,046 PKR
22 Karat1 Tola197,175 PKR

Pakistani gold karats are exactly the same according to the world’s gold purity standards, the price difference in gold price always comes due to the purity you are buying from the market, 24 Karat gold is always pure gold in Pakistan and also worldwide, similarly if you lower the number before Karat, the purity of the gold will be decreased.

Gold Prices by Cities in Pakistan


Gold prices in Pakistan are constantly changing according to the current economic conditions in Pakistan, it works very similar to the stock exchange market and keep changing its graphical positions with time.You might not see very firm or exact prices in major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Vehari, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

Gold Companies in Pakistan

There are hundreds of old dealers in Pakistan including raw and processed, following are some of the gold companies for your information that are available in Pakistan. We don’t recommend any of the jeweler or gold suppliers or gold dealers, this is just for general information.

  • Giga Group
  • Sonia Jeweler
  • GoldTech Scales
  • New Maria Jewelers
  • Arafat Jewelers
  • Star Harvest
  • Taiba International
  • Talha Golds
  • New Saddar Golds
  • Firdous Jewellers

Factors affecting the gold prices in the local economy

There isn’t a single factor that is affecting the gold rates in the local or global economy. There are certain factors constantly in action that are responsible for current gold prices:

  • Global inflation rate
  • Global trade and economy
  • Local trades and export of a country
  • The quality and the type of gold
  • Can be natural factors sometimes like resources


Always make sure you are dealing with a legit dealer when buying gold in exchange of cash money in Pakistan, there are hundreds of scammers available in the market trying to scam you as a gold purchaser. If you think you have no experience about gold and its purity, try to take someone with yourlself before buying gold, or include a legit third party like banks and middle mans for this purpose. 

Also make sure when you are owning gold as a cash saviour, check its price on the regular basis to keep yourself updated, you can profit money by just saving gold and trading it when its price gets high ion the market. If you are not interested in its trade, still it will work for saving your cash from getting rusted and devalued at ane xtent.


Is gold the safest investment than property?
Gold is no doubt one of the safest investments for saving money, but the property is more worthy than gold.

What is the purest gold?
24-carat gold is considered the purest gold not only in Pakistan but in the whole world.

What are carats in gold?
Carat is a term used to define the purity of a gold piece, 24K or 24-carat gold is pure gold from, similarly 22-carat gold is less pure than 24K, 21-carat is less pure than 22, and 18 karat is less pure than 22.

Which carat of gold should I buy?
It completely depends on your choice, whether you are buying for trade or just for saving money. Let’s say you are trying to save your money, then 24K gold is normally preferred, but for jewelry and other stuff, less carat than 24 gold is used.

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