Daewoo Battery Prices in Pakistan

Daewoo battery prices in Pakistan are a little bit cheaper compared to other batteries in Pakistan. Due to the rising trend of economic inflation, Daewoo batteries have too reached a level that can be considered as expensive for some people.

Daewoo battery is mostly used by vehicle owners but it is also used as an ups battery in Pakistan by most of the low-budget users. Daewoo batteries in quality measurements are strong as compared to some other local and cheap battery brands. Keep in mind that Daewoo is currently making maintenance-free or dried cell batteries and liquid acid batteries for the Pakistani market.

daewoo batteries
Daewoo batteries

Daewoo battery rate list 2023

Daewoo Battery ModelsPrice
Daewoo DIB 11026600 PKR
DIB 13530635 PKR
DIB 16538030 PKR
DIB 18043000 PKR
DIB 20054390 PKR
DIB 22561915 PKR
DL 465400 PKR
DL 506000 PKR
DL 556400 PKR
DL 607500 PKR
DLS 657900 PKR
DLS 708200 PKR
DLS 859700 PKR
DLS 10511200 PKR
DLS 12012700 PKR
DR 465400 PKR
DR 607500 PKR
DRS 657900 PKR
DRS 708200 PKR
DRS 859700 PKR
DRS 10511200 PKR
DRS 12012700 PKR

All Daewoo batteries in terms of series come with different models and prices as you can see in the table. Daewoo is currently making these series as DIB, DL, DLS, DR, and DRS with different numbers of plates or cells and with different price tags.

Daewoo battery suppliers in Pakistan

As the Pakistani industry is a huge industry for batteries, there is always an abundance of authorized tier-1 to tier-3  suppliers or resellers working in Pakistan. Following are some chosen Daewoo suppliers:

  • Treat Daewoo Battery Factory
  • Pak Battery Traders
  • Daewoo Batteries Islamabad
  • Nauraize Enterprises
  • Rahman Battery
  • Daewoo Agency Abbottabad
  • Daewoo Official Lahore

Benefits of using Daewoo battery

  • Daewoo is a Korean group of companies, its authoritative brands considered in the market, and it is no doubt produces long-lasting batteries for cars, UPS, and inverters.
  • Batteries by Daewoo are as low prices as some local battery types, but in quality, it is always high.
  • There is special and strong customer support available in Pakistan for Daewoo battery consumers who in this case have problems. The support team is doing work day and night for solving the problems of their valued consumers.
  • This battery has hard and thick calcium plates which increase the battery life and durability.
  • These are Maintenance free batteries, for this, you don’t have to take tension about the battery maintenance on a schedule.
  • These batteries have spill-proof technology used in them.


Daewoo batteries are overall good batteries if you want to purchase them for personal use or for commercial selling at your shop or outlet. These batteries are tested personally in cars, they gave an amazing performance in terms of longevity and consumer output. If you are buying Daewoo batteries in bulk for further business, make sure you don’t hesitate to consult with an expert for better guidance, that can be your experienced friend or a family member.

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