DG Cement Price in Pakistan

DG cement price in Pakistan is rising as the whole economic prices are going sky-high in the local Pakistani market due to unstable conditions at the government level. DG cement is also known as GD Khan Cement is a product of DG Cement Company Ltd also known as DGKCC.

Due to fuel shortages and price hikes in petrol during the past few months of 2022, Current cement cost is expected to increase, not only dg cement but all cement industry products can achieve a significant rate. You can check constantly fluctuating live cement rate today and make your construction budget easily.

dg cement
DG cement

DG cement price 2023

DG Cement TypeUnitPrice
DG Cement OPC50 Kg bag1100-1120 Pkr

If you purchase a 50kg dg cement bag you will be charged for a bag in between 1045 and 1050 Pkr in Pakistan. If you are buying in bulk for a mega project or for any other project size, you will also be eligible for company discounts, but this is not sure whether the supplier or dealer will give you a discount on the purchase.


DG cement rates are thoroughly collected from all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Lahore, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, and Gujranwala.

DG cement share price

The current dg cement price in PSX is listed as 41 Pkr, there are always chances for it to go up or down, and there is no guarantee that when you see this post, the price will be the exact same, to check the current share price for this company see here.

The primary owner of this cement company is Nishat Group which is from a long time is proven to be a leader in the industrial sector. The DG cement share price is consistently going down, it’s all happening due to unstable economic conditions in the local sector. Not only dg cement is underperforming in the share market but all other construction companies are quite underperforming.

DG cement factory

The primary factories of DG cement are only 4 currently operational in the Pakistani construction industry. Following are the primary and authentic production houses of DG cement recorded.

PlantsLocation in Pakistan
Factory 1Dera Ghazi Khan
Factory 2Dera Ghazi Khan
Factory 3Khairpur Chakwal Distt Pakistan
Factory 4Balochistan
Maple Leaf Cement PriceKohat Cement Price
Fauji Cement PriceLucky Cement P


Investing in DG cement for your construction project is worth your money. It is always considered as amongst the eBay cement brands of Pakistan working really honestly in the market. If you are looking to invest in the stocks for this cement brand, always consult with an expert in the share market, we consider ourselves unauthorized and inexperienced in suggesting share market investments.

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