Diesel Prices in Pakistan Today 2023

Diesel prices work parallelly with the price of petrol, it goes up and down as the fuels price do. Diels prices are as fluctuating as petrol prices at the national level.

Diesel rates are constantly increasing as fuel prices and fuel crises consistently rise in the world. The latest petroleum rates are highly effective for the national and international economies.

Diesel price today in Pakistan

Diesel TypesRate
Light Speed147.69 PKR
High Speed260.58 PKR
diesel rates in Pakistan

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In Pakistan there are only two diesel types available in the market. These two types are famously used in all types of diesel engines, are named as Hlight speed and High speed Oil. The light speed oil category is little bit cheaper and vice versa.

diesel price pakistan

Diesel Providers in Pakistan

Most diesel companies are the same as petrol companies because only those businesses can sell diesel and have authorship of selling all petroleum products. Following are some famous diesel providers in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan State Oil (PSO)
  • Diesel Fuel Innjection Service
  • Amron Oil Company
  • Cheff Wear Co. Ltd
  • Petro Sourcing Pvt Ltd
  • Powerzone
  • Al Hamna Enterprises 
  • Mohammad Oil Trading Company
  • Energy Masters
  • Mian Diesel Services
  • M. Idrees and Company

Diesel rates don’t change if you change a supplier because the main provider of all the suppliers is the same and most importantly all the crude oil product prices work according to the government. If any of the sellers try to sell more expensive than the rate decided by the Pakistani government, there are chances government will sue those sellers.

How diesel is made

  • Crude oil after the first extraction is heated at about 400 degrees Celcius or 410 degrees celsius in an oil chamber.
  • This boiling of crude mixture evaporates water impurities from the solution.
  • The left solution is then again going through a refining process and the first refined oil that comes out is diesel.
  • After diesel extraction, a second distillation and refining process is applied, after this more octane fuel is obtained which is called petrol.


If you are looking for bulk diesel purchases for your fuel station, always chose an authorized dealer or supplier. There are many fake and unauthorized companies in Pakistan operating and disturbing the market and customers by providing low-quality impurity mixed diesel.

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