DPC Membrane Price in Pakistan

DPC membranes are post-construction or sometimes pre-construction materials considered in Pakistan and are handy and very useful waterproof sheets. DPC membrane sheets are made of a thin rubber layer that is highly repellent to water content and does not allow a single water drop to enter the surface.

DPC water membrane sheets are different in price according to their thickness and the quality they are made of. Membrane sheets are available in a diverse range in Pakistan for every budget person. These sheets are affordable and very easy to install on the desired surfaces.

dpc membrane
dpc membrane

DPC membrane sheet rate list

SheetSheet ThicknessUnit MeasurementPrice
Irani Waterproofing Sheet3mm, 3.5mm,  4mmPer ft55-60 Pkr
Self-adhesive DPC membrane9-4 inchesPer ft50-55 Pkr
Self-adhesive DPC membrane2mm 3mm 4mmPer ft65-70 Pkr
Water repulsive membrane4 inchesPer ft27-35 Pkr
Irani Waterproofing4 inchesPer ft25-32 Pkr

Prices for bulk

Irani sheet9-4 inches1 roll2800-3000 Pkr
Self-adhesive9-4 inches1 roll3250-3500 Pkr
Waterproofing DPC9-4 inches1 roll2500-2700 Pkr


All the rates for DPC membranes sheets are according to current market prices that can be seen in cities like Lahore, Multan, Vehari, Karachi, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Jhang, DG Khan, DI Khan, Kot Addu, Bahwalnagar, Jam Shoro, Toba Tek Singh, Gujarat, Azad Kashmir, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, and Sialkot.

Waterproofing sheet suppliers in Pakistan

Waterproofing sheets are very much commonly available in the local Pakistani market however following are some known manufacturers and suppliers working in the Pakistani market to provide you with high-quality waterproof membrane sheets:

  • Roof Power
  • Samz Chemical Industries Pakistan
  • Unicron Chemicals Waterproofing Company
  • Water & heat Proofing Solutions
  • Lakhwa Chemical Services
  • Ressichem Private Limited
  • Duracon Engineering
  • Solid Sealers
  • Professional Sealers
  • Royal Waterproofing Chemical Services
  • The Sealers
  • Building Comforts
  • United Chemical & Waterproofing Services
  • Grey Coat Waterproofing Company
  • Home Waterproofing Care

Pros and cons of DPC membrane sheet


  • DPC membranes surface is repellent to water, it will be suitable for blocking water entries anywhere in your home.
  • Using this membrane with certain other benefits, you are also making your home crack-proof.
  • Its a cost effective solution for various home problems related to water and sustainability.
  • If you want other factors of your home to sustain for more as wall paint and conrete, this will be a best choice.
  • Utilizing this, you can improve your living quality by protecting you overall house structure from outside from getting fungus, dampness and moisten damage.


  • Sometime it is not cost-effective for some people with limited budget.
  • If the memebrane you installed is of low-quality, then there will be high chances of it getting cracks overtime.
  • Requires maintenance, and might not be very suitable in extreme weather areas.
  • Using it cause excessive weightage of your house building which sometime creates some big problems to your home roots.
  • Not everyone can easily install this sheet, it require a level of expertise for successful and safe installation.

Purpose of waterproofing sheet

DPC membrane sheets are water-repellent membraneous sheets that can be used for paneling on your roofing surfaces or they can also be installed in walls when construction of the home is going on. 

  • Installing them in walls is also for the purpose to block water content to enter through the wall in your home. 
  • On your home’s roof surfaces it can also be used to block water from the terrace to entering your room sealings. 
  • Such membranes are also very commonly used in a home’s walls and sealing to block sound waves to make your home or room soundproof.

These membranes are highly successful in making your home waterproof or soundproof. Investing in such sheets is not a big deal they are not expensive to purchase.


Can I install this sheet on my wooden home?

Yes you can use this sheet for your wooden house or hut for the related purposes it is used.

What DPC membrane is the best one?

Two layer stone slab is considered the best of all DPC membrane types, there are many but this is top-notch.


There are many types of waterproofing sheets available in the market, Knowing for what purpose you are taking such sheets is very crucial for you to understand if you are going for bulk. Always consult with an expert who knows better than you, he will suggest to you what and how many sheets you have to buy. Do not go to the market for purchase if you are inexperienced in this industry category.

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