Electricity Price Per Unit in Pakistan Today 2023

Electricity price is calculated on the basis of per unit utilized in Pakistan. From past many years, electricity rates are constantly touching new hights every year. Each electricity meter is allotted with a special consumer number locally which are trackabl;e by wapda employees.

Electricity prices are calculated per unit used in the consumer meter. Electricity is a high-priced commodity in Pakistan from the time when actual load-shedding was started back in the era of Pervaiz Musharraf. But these days it is not a big issue for most of people as UPS and inverters came extremely popular in Pakistan with cost-effective electrical batteries with them being utilized to tackle the electricity shortage in Pakistan.

New Electricity Unit Prices 2023 (Bijli Rates)

Domestic rates:

UnitsPer unit rate
1-504.67 PKR
1-1007.88 PKR
101-20010.46 PKR
201-30012.23 PKR
301-70021.54 PKR
700+24.93 PKR
domestic electricity rates per unit

Commercial rates:

UnitsPer Unit Rate
5KW load or less21.80 Pkr
5KW load or more25.26 Pkr
commercial electricity rate per unit

A giant government authority named NEPRA is controlling all the prices and supply of electricity both commercially and domestically. Remember, domestic rates and commercial electricity rates are different from each other. A commercial unit of electricity consumed is priced higher than a domestic unit. Under Nepra all other authorities are working like GEPCO and MEPCO etc. Now in Pakistan new facilities like online bill checking is available, you can easily check MEPCO online bill, enter 14 digit number.

The Pakistani government is now trying to shift its production to solar energy. Solar energy electricity production required solar panels at a greater scale which is very much cost-effective and requires one-time cost in most of matters.

There are many local companies available in Pakistan providing electricity domestically including both authorized and non-authorized. A very famous and private electricity provider in our country is K-Electric which is authorized and operating in most developed areas of Karachi.

If we talk about some first and second-world foreign countries, they are making high-performing electricity using petroleum due to the abundance of petro–checmical resources they have with giant refineries.

Electricity providers in Pakistan

  • GEPCO: Gujranwala Electricity Power Company
  • LESCO: Lahore Electricity Power Company
  • HESCO: Haiderabad Electricity Supply Company
  • FESCO: Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company
  • TESCO: Tribal Areas Electricity Supply Company
  • QESCO: Quetta  Electricity Supply Company
  • SEPCO:  Sukkur Electricity Supply Company
  • IESCO:  Islamabad Electricity Supply Company
  • MEPCO: Multan  Electricity Supply Company
  • PESCO:  Peshawar Electricity Supply Company

How electricity is Produced

  • In Pakistan, a very famous and old-fashioned process is used for producing electricity in bulk units which is Water Turbine Electricity generators.
  • Giant motor turbines are connected on the way of hard and fast-moving water streams.
  • These motor turbines are called a dynamo, when get spinned with the high pressure of water, produce a current charge.
  • This current charge is then supplied to domestic and commercial transformers through cable network.
  • This electricity production method is very much successful in Pakistan but is not applicable in most of first-world countries, such rich countries are now moving their systems to solar or wind energy which is cost-effective and more durable.


You are probably here because you want to know the price per unit of electricity or you are looking for a private or government electricity service for your home or business. If you are new to Pakistan or don’t know about the electricity authority, do some research before getting a private connection from an unauthorized organization. Always prefer a famous and authoritative name if you are going for a private company connection, above governmental and legit authorities are discussed.

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