Exide Battery Price in Pakistan

Exide battery is a famous battery brand in Pakistan most commonly used with UPS or inverters. Exide battery prices in Pakistan depends on the economics of market conditions or other UPS battery price in Pakistan. Exide from many past years producing high-quality liquid acid, tubular, and dry batteries for which they are leading this industry.

Why Exide is constantly putting high-quality products on the market shelves because of the durable quality they are giving to their consumers for years. All this happening just because highly qualified electrical engineers Exide is having and the amount of money Exide is spending on its RND center. Exide battery rates in Pakistan are not very much expensive and not very much cheap as they are providing value for money for sure.

exide batteries
Exide batteries

Exide Battery Price List

Exide Battery ModelsPrice
TR3500 9P 290 AH63300 PKR
N260 33 Plates 210AH57330 PKR
N250 31 Plates 200 AH56060 PKR
TR300 9P 250 AH55910 PKR
TR2500 7P 230 AH52420 PKR
NS 250 PP 31 Plates 200 AH49710 PKR
N260 33 Plates 210 AH47500 PKR
HP275 27 Plates 180 AH44700 PKR
HP25- 25 Plates42480 PKR
NS240 27 Plates 180 AH39880 PKR
TR1800 5P 185 AH38440 PKR
NS240 Plus 180 AH 37950 PKR
HP 245 25 Plates 170 AH 12 Volts36840 PKR
HP230 21 Plates 140 AH35060 PKR
HP240 27PL 180 AH34600 PKR
TR1500 5PL 145 AH 33200 PKR
HP230 32950 PKR
N190 145 AH 23 Plates30050 PKR
HP200 120 AH 17 Plates29120 PKR
NS200 150 AH 27 Plates 28280 PKR
N180 Plus 130 AH 12 volts27950 PKR
HP195 21 Plates 26880 PKR
N175 19PL 12 Volts 25950 PKR
HP24025500 PKR
6LT180 130 AH 23 Plates 24390 PKR
HP150 95 Ah 15 Plates23740 PKR
N135 105AH 17PL 22080 PKR
N26021500 PKR
6X120 90AH 15PL20400 PKR
N200 19500 PKR
N13019200 PKR
EX110 15PL18190 PKR
N130 100AH 17PL 17550 PKR
MF95 72AH 13PL16510 PKR
N240P16000 PKR
HP130 15000 PKR
N135 14500 PKR
MF95L14220 PKR 
N85 65AH 11PL13540 PKR
MF75 55AH 13PL13350 PKR
6X12012500 PKR
MF65L12230 PKR
N75 55AH 12 Volts11500 PKR
MF55L 11200 PKR
NS65L10760 PKR
CNG65L10010 PKR
GL65 40AH 11PL9950 PKR
N70 9PL9370 PKR
GL50 9PL9080 PKR
GL55 11PL8200 PKR
CNG40 7PL7240 PKR
GL48 9PL 6980 PKR
GEN35 5PL6800 PKR
NS906300 PKR
GL/GR506100 PKR
S50 20Ah 12 Volts5750 PKR
N805500 PKR
NS654700 PKR
exide battery price list

Range of Exide battery

Exide is popular in making durable batteries for the automotive, UPS, and Solar panel industries. Another special thing about Exide is, this company successfully launching every year a new battery type and adds to its successful battery lists as you can see in the above price list table.

No doubt every year battery prices of Exide are increasing, it is only due to inflation. Also, this brand is not compromising on the quality from past history. They only have happy clients as compared to other battery companies. This is a leading battery brand that you can trust blindly because the experience in the specific experience the company has.


When you buy Exide or any other battery, be aware that you have to add new acid water to the battery every month. Keep track of the water levels inside the battery using an eye protection glass. Always add mineral water inside or use acidic water which is properly gravitated water.


Do not compromise on quality when going to purchase a battery, no matter for what purpose you are buying, whether for your car, UPS, inverter, or Solar Panel Exide battery will always be good for you.

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