Fertilizer Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Fertilizer prices in growing economy or developing countries like Pakistan play a major role in crop yields because such countries earn a big portion of their income from agricultural crops. Fertilizers are a mixture of nutritional components required by crops to produce more and build immunity from crop diseases.

fertilizers in pakistan

Fertilizers price for farmers and other professionals in the industry no doubt play a major role. Farmers from a long time in our country are not getting enough resources to meet their agricultural needs. In our national market, a number of fertilizer companies produce quality chemicals at affordable rates. Fertilizer rates changes but not as quickly as other market products.

New fertilizer rates by companies

Fertilizers Unit QuantityPrice
DAP Fertilizer (FFC, Sona, Pakarab)50 KG11600-11700 Pkr
DAP (Sarsabz)50 KG11450 Pkr
Sarsabz CAN-F50 KG2100 Pkr
Sarsabz CAN-G50 KG2120 Pkr
Sona Boran 3kg50 KG950 Pkr
Sona Zinc 3kg50 KG1050 Pkr
Agritrade Zorawar-Efert50 KG12175 Pkr
NPK50 KG8000-9100 Pkr
NPK 23 23 fertilizer50 KG9811 Pkr
Sarbabz NP50 KG9370 Pkr
MOP FFC50 KG11900-12100 Pkr
SOP Granular FFC50 KG15500-16000 Pkr
SSP50 KG2000-2500 Pkr
Urea Sarsabz / Sona50 KG2250-2400 Pkr
Nitrophos50 KG5995 PKR
fertilizer prices chart

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Fertilizer Price History In Pakistan
Fertilizer Price History In Pakistan

Above are the top fertilizer brands with their perspective prices, all these fertilizers are listed with their bag quantity or weight which is 5 kilograms per bag. These companies are no doubt doing great work in the sector providing quality and fulfilling promises consistently.

All the companies are operating under serious government supervision, and for this, they are being tested for final the material they are producing for crops, all their quality checks and quality assurance are being held by highly qualified and experienced biotechnicians and agrarian. The story does not end here, their final results are also being tracked by qualified and professional staff in the field.

Fertilizer price increase take place on a yearly basis according to the economic conditions of the agriculture sector, but they are increasing at a slow but continuous rate.

Fertilizer companies in Pakistan

Hundreds of fertilizer manufacturing companies working in Pakistan, they are exporting actively to foreign countries in bulk quantities and making the economy strong. There are about 10 famous companies in the country of which are the following:

  • Engro Fertilizer: Engro NP, DAP, Zarkher, MOP, SSP, SOP, Urea
  • Fatima Fertilizers Pvt ltd: Sarsabz CAN (Calcium, Ammonium, and Nitrate), Urea, Sarsabz NP (Nitrophos)
  • Fauji Fertilizers: Sona urea, FFC DAP, FFC MOP, FFC SOP, and NP.  
  • Dawood Hercules:
  • Suraj Fertilizers Pvt ltd:
  • Pakistan Fertilizer:
  • Bilal & Company:
  • Usama Fertilizer Trader:
  • Pak Arab Fertilizers:

Pakistan Agricultural GDP

The agricultural industry is the backbone of Pakistan, it’s one of the top giants producing mangoes, rice, corn, wheat, sugar, agriculture seeds, all types of oranges, and many other fruits.  In 2022 only the agriculture gdb of Pakistan alone contributed 23% of the whole economy of Pakistan.

Textile and cotton manufacturing is the largest industry in Pakistan but the fertilizer and agriculture sector is closely related to that. All these sectors are working parallelly and supportive of each other in the whole of Pakistan’s economical affairs.

Fertilizer industry in Pakistan

The fertilizer industry is a rapidly growing industry in Pakistan due to the previous government’s special focus on it because in recent years Pakistanis agriculture sector has reported a shortage of fertilizers. Pakistan’s economy depends greatly on agriculture, that’s why our government’s primary focus is always on this sector.

The Agri sector specifically in fertilizers has reported exponential and stabilized growth in the production and fertilizer exports after the authorities set fertilizer production firms in the market. This step not only fulfilled the local fertilizer needs but also initiated foreign fertilizer exports for a greater revenue increase.

In 2016 Pakistan has recorded solely 3.74 billion dollars in sales including local and foreign purchasers. As Pakistani agriculture sciences and biotechnology is using modern agri-techniques, for this reason, the final fertilizers are high in quality, this has also increased the local crop production which is also a positive factor for the economy.

At this stage, Pakistan has moved to the next level in fertilizers as supplementation for crops. All Pakistani agricultural labs are aware of new supplementation techniques which is highly funded by our government and agricultural authorities.

Some external factors in recent years have greatly affected our agriculture sector with a decrease in sales and overall material manufacturing in production houses. These factors were not long-lasting and after just a year after corona pandemic, the economy reached again to its growth point from where it was fallen down. Some tier-2 and tier-1 countries greatly rely on the fertilizers and crops of countries like Pakistan.


If you’re working in the agriculture industry and have experience with it, then you are good to go and buy. In case you are inexperienced and have zero knowledge about the industry and you are going to buy fertilizers in bulk for your project, keep in mind, taking someone expert in the agriculture field is important or you will end up losing a lot of money and crops. Always consult with an expert before going to buy on a larger scale.

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