Fiber Sheet Price in Pakistan 2023

Fiber sheet price depends on the material, quantity, and quality you are buying. Fiberglass sheets are handy and very easy to install in your home decoration which comes after completing a home construction project. Fiber sheets are always available in flay thickness.

There are dozens of fiber sheets available in the local Pakistani market with different designs and materials. Plastic fiber sheets and glass fiber sheets are the most commonly used materials in Pakistan, but glass sheets always cost more than plastic. 
Updates fiberglass sheet per Sq/Ft price chart

fiber sheets
fiber glass sheet

Fiber sheet rates

Fiber sheetUnit measurementPrice
Single flayper/sqft35 Pkr
Double flayper/sqft50 Pkr
1.5 flayper/sqft45 Pkr

Fiber sheet suppliers in Pakistan

Fiber sheets are easily and in many different categories available in Pakistan. In every city of Pakistan, there are hundreds of fiber sheet suppliers selling good quality sheets. Following are some local fiberglass sheets suppliers:

  • MA Fiberglass Industries
  • MKB Engineering
  • New Fiber Zone
  • Sheikh Mumtaz Ali and Sons
  • Fiber Crafts Industries
  • Al-Rehman Fiberglass
  • B&H Fiberglass Industries

Types of fiber sheets

There are now hundreds of fiber sheets available, but there is no guarantee that all fiber sheet types are commonly available in the Pakistani market. Following are some common and easily available sheet types in Pakistan.

  • Carbon fiber flexible sheet.
  • Multicolor shade fiber sheet.
  • Transparent fiber sheet.
  • Epoxy fiberglass sheet.
  • Silicon fiber sheet.
  • Thin foldable plastic fiber sheet.
  • Transparent printed sheet.
  • Green fiber sheet.

Uses of fiber sheet

Fiber sheets can be used for different purposes from parking lot shadows to covering the water tanks. 

Home garden sitting area coverage: You can use fiberglass sheets in your home gardens where you have chairs and a sitting area to save the area from sunlight.

Parking area coverage from sun: To save your car’s color damage from sunlight, you can install a covering over the parking area.

Water tanks coverage: Concrete or manually built water tanks using cement and block can be covered using a glass fiber sheet.

Aluminum windows and doors: Spaces between aluminum doors and windows can be filled by installing a custom-sized fiber sheet, this will increase the beauty as well.

Living area or rooms walls: You can have a whole fiberglass wall if you don’t want a concrete wall, this will allow you to easily pass a portion of sunlight in your living room or areas.


Choosing the best fiber sheet for the work you want to do is tricky if you don’t have experience. Consulting with an industry expert will save you a lot of resources, this will ultimately make your work easier and looks good. 

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