Forland Truck Prices In Pakistan

Forland truck prices and other truck rates have increased to significant levels during the past few years. Forland pickup truck is a very affordable mini truck loader for multi-purposes in Pakistan.

Forland is the name of truck and bus manufacturing under the famous and old Pakistani automotive parent company known as JW SEZ group of industries. After tractors are used commercially, Forland trucks are the most popular commercial vehicles considered by most Pakistani people. Check Truck Price in Pakistan.

forland trucks
Forland trucks

Forland Truck models and prices in Pakistan

Following are forland truck rates from high to low with their models, editions, and main functions:

Forland Truck ModelsPrice
Forland C717 (with new features)4249000
Forland Cx 17 (oil tanker)4749000
Forland C311 turbo (without deck)3189000
Forland C314 non-turbo (without deck)3099000
Forland C311 non-turbo (without deck)2999000
Forland C191879000
Forland C101319000
Forland (BJ-6122 12mm)26700000
Forland (BJ-6946 9.5mm)17500000


Forland truck prices in Pakistan including other commercial vehicles are constantly going high as the Pakistani economy is inflating. If you experience little bit different prices than the prices mentioned above, it will be completely normally in this industry.

Forland Truck Features

  • Forland truck is a heavy-duty engine pickup loader in Pakistan. People use this loader for many purposes, for both commercial and noncommercial uses. Thai truck is a feature truck including a good colling AC, soft gear knob, and comfortable seatings.
  • This truck can reach at the speed of 100 km/h on clean highways. This truck ranges from 1000cc engine power to 3000 engine power. Riding this truck feels the same as riding a comfortable car due to its clean and soft interior design.
  • This truck is designed for carrier purposes keeping in mind the high petrol prices in Pakistan. This truck burns very less fuel as compared to other trucks and has the capacity to carry a load of 1 ton very easily and efficiently. 
  • A very good thing about this vehicle is it has a very low maintenance cost with very low spare parts prices. All spare parts of this truck are easily available in the Pakistani market and all of them are made by the company locally.
  • Forland truck prices will increase as you put on modern features on demand, this is applicable in every vehicle type because automotive companies are providing comprehensive features ranging from low to high in the same vehicle model these days.

Pros and Cons of Forland Truck


  • Forland trucks are specifically built for commercial usage i.e for transportation of goods, so if you want an economical mini truck that has minimal fuel consumption but a great deal of mileage, then this truck suits you best.
  • This truck is built on modern mechanical engine technology, you can enjoy its interior luxury look like a car while driving a commercial truck. Its interior is particularly designed like a new model car, so while driving this you will experience that you are driving an SUV car.
  • If you love your vehicle to be sticked on the road at high-speed, Forlund truck tires are widely on the ground surface to provide you with a great experience of road grip with safety.
  • Do not focus on its overall size, it can handle and successfully transport weight like a normal large-size truck can, due to its high-power engine.
  • The overall weight of this truck is brilliantly balanced on the ground and its body structure is a real-time optimizer to the weight it load. So when you apply brakes at high speed it does not move from the direction in which it is moving, this is all because of its shaft and tires.
  • The metal sheet used in the making of this truck is total of high quality and durable, normal jerks to its body will not create a dent or color damage.
  • Due to its small size, it is very reliable in cities of Pakistan to ride effectively, for this reason, it has a plus point that it will not get stuck in moderately jammed traffic sites which is not same in big trucks.
  • Another benefit of to small size is that you can have a clear eye around your truck while driving it, you can see every vehicle around your truck easily, and can make your traffic decisions very effectively to avoid road accidents.


  • There are nearly no cons to this truck because this is only designed for some specific users, so if you find any cons in this truck, it means you are not the target audience of this truck company.
  • If you are looking for a commercial truck that can handle around a thousand tons of weight, this truck is not for you.
  • Suppose you want to deliver ice cream or any other frozen food item and you are looking for a built-in freezer truck, this truck does not have a built-in freezer installed, you have to separately invest in the freezer.
  • This truck is not a regular family truck, so if you are especially looking for a truck, then keep in mind that it is designed specifically for commercial purposes, don’t buy this for a family.


Is Forland a diesel engine truck?

No, its a regular petrol engine truck with a very great mileage in few litres.

Does for land has a turbo engine?

It depends which Forland model you are purchasing, some models of it are turbo like C311 and some are non-turbo.


If you are going to purchase forland pickup loader and you have a very tight budget, this mini truck will be the best option to invest your money on due to the reason it has a wide range of features at a very economical price. Try to research in-depth before spending money for purchase of this truck.

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