Foton Truck Prices in Pakistan 2023

Foton truck prices in Pakistan has reached to the highest point in history as the other truck prices has increased due to exponential increase in spare parts and other automotive material prices due to increase inflation.

Foton price in Pakistan is still affordable as this is an imported vehicle from China, and we all know Pakistan and China traded goods are always at in good quality and at affordable rates.

foton trucks prices
Foton trucks

Foton Truck Price List in Pakistan

Foton Trucks ModelsPrices
Foton Auman EST-A7200086 PKR
Foton Auman EST-A Dumper11886000 PKR
Foton Auman EST-A10754000 PKR
Foton Auman ETX14150000 PKR
Foton Aumark E3480900 PKR
Foton Aumark S19241170 PKR
Foton Gratour TM4151610 PKR
Foton Fuel Tanker16979717 PKR

Currently, very few Foton models are available in Pakistan because it’s a new truck company introduced in Pakistan after its high demand in the industrial and transportation sector. This company is actively launching new models both in its headquartered country as well in Pakistan.`1

Best Things About FAW Truck

  • It’s a Chinese-made truck according to Pakistani roads.
  • Affordable prices than other company trucks in Pakistan.
  • High-quality engine and other spare parts, made for longevity.
  • New to the Pakistani market and most of the local people are liking the truck’s performance, quality, and all other economical purposes.
  • The truck possesses all the basic necessities that are driver needs to have during driving.
  • The overall driving feel of this truck feels exactly like you are driving a luxury car.
  • Have wide tire surface area that helps this truck to stick with the road while fast moving on the highway.
  • The seats are luxurious and comfortable, the cabin also has high-quality air conditions installed with dimmers to adjust accordingly.
  • The body is strong and made of good quality metal, minor jerks during accidents will not harm the vehicle.
  • It possesses a great capacity for good loading and transporting them without consuming extra fuel.
  • A wide range of models and engine powers are available.
  • Hard body frame and chassis made with tough metal.
  • Modern braking system allows this truck to stop easily and firmly on a slippery road.
  • Dozens of other features are included in the cabin for drivers.
  • Great fuel-containing capacity.
  • Fuels consumption is very much optimal, it consumes fuel like a small family car.


Is Foton a Pakistani-made truck?
Foton is a Chinese made truck may be assembled in Pakistan.

Do Foton Trucks have air-conditioned cabins?
Yes, almost all Foton trucks have high-quality air-conditioned cabins from the company.

How much weight can Foton truck transport?
It is different for all Foton truck models, it completely depends on the truck engine and weight-bearing capacity which is different according to truck model.

Do Foton trucks have power steering wheels?
Yes, Foton truck models have company-fitted power or hydraulic steering wheels.

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