Fujika Battery Price in Pakistan

Fujika battery price in Pakistan depends on the model you are purchasing. Fujika has made the widest range of batteries from low to high prices with different powers and models.

It will not be wrong saying that Fujika is the battery brand that launched the widest range of batteries as compared to other battery brands or companies in Pakistan. Fujika is a highly affordable battery if you compare it with other battery prices in Pakistan.

fujika batteries
fujika batteries

Fujika battery rate list 2023

Fujika Battery ModelsPrice
FJ55L MF7166 PKR
FJ55R MF7166 PKR
FJ60L MF8073 PKR
FJ60R MF8073 PKR
FJ65 MF8717 PKR
FJ72 L/R MF8477 PKR
FJ80 L/R MF11115 PKR
FJ100 L/R MF12636 PKR
FJ110 L/R MF14274 PKR
FJ DIN55 MF13445 PKR
FJ DIN66 MF16680 PKR
FJ DIN88 MF21066 PKR
FJ TL10020475 PKR
FJ TL120029250 PKR
FJ TL150026325 PKR
FJ TL 160031590 PKR
FJ TL 180040950 PKR
FJ TL 250041000 PKR
FJ TL 300050310 PKR
FJ17519540 PKR
FJ18020700 PKR
FJ19522113 PKR
FJ20022464 PKR
FJ21025272 PKR
FJ25028841 PKR
FJ26029075 PKR
FJ26529601 PKR
FJ 50L6494 PKR
FJ CR 65L7547 PKR
FJ 70L8044 PKR
FJ 75L8570 PKR
FJ85Z 9630 PKR
FJ85ZL9630 PKR
FJ 95L11448 PKR
FJ 100A10448 PKR
FJ105 ZL12039 PKR
FJ 110ZL13221 PKR
FJ 12515000 PKR
FJ 13516000 PKR
FJ 14017199 PKR
FJ 15017960 PKR
FJ S5014154 PKR
FJ S555394 PKR
FJ S606394 PKR
FJ S908570 PKR
FJ S1009594 PKR
FJ S11010448 PKR

All Fujika battery models with their market rates are listed, you can select according to your budget. Make sure you properly read the battery models and price before going to market for actually buying the Fujika battery.


You may experience a little bit of fluctuated or distinct prices within different regions and dealers of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

Fujika Battery Suppliers in Pakistan

There are hundreds of Fujika battery sellers in Pakistan due to the huge demand for this battery. Following are some known and chosen Fujika battery suppliers in Pakistan You can purchase from:

  • SF Batteries
  • New Aiwan Batteries
  • Rashid Auto Batteries
  • Japan Battery Service
  • Pak Battery Traders
  • Subhan Battery Center
  • Javed Battery Center
  • Punoo Battery Service
  • Wajid Sons Car Battery
  • Sultani Battery House
  • Naushahi Battery 
  • New Haideri Battery Store and Services

All these dealers are authorized and authentic battery sellers in Pakistan according to best of our research and personal knowledge.


If you are incompetent in selecting the exact battery for the problem you solve, then try to consult with an expert friend who knows in-depth about the battery market and all about this industry. This will only apply if you are planning to spend a huge money for business purposes or you are buying for your personal business. Sometimes spending a lot of money in [urchasing bulk products can be harmful if you don’t have knowledge of the related industry.

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