Garden Pipe Price in Pakistan

Garden pipe price in Pakistan is different according to pipe size in inches or the metallurgical or plastic material used in the making of the garden pipe. Garden water pipes are normally large in size than other regular water pipes because the amount of water they carry is relatively greater than other pipe types carry.

Garden pipes can be PVC plastic pipes or they can also be made of iron or steel material this is the reason why they are distinct in their market rates. Garden pipes as their name suggests are used in supplying water to plants in your backyard garden or any other large-sized place in which you want a huge water supply for plants, crops, or ongoing construction process.

garden pipes
Garden pipes

Garden Water Pipe in Pakistan

Pipe TypeLength / SizePrice
PVC Garden Pipe3-4 inches / 100 feet4000 PKR
Transparent and Flexible Garden Pipe3-4 inches / 20 feet1050 PKR
Premium Damage-Free Pipe3-4 inches / 10 feet610 PKR
Non-Brande Garden Pipes20 feet1000 PKR

The pipe diameter size is in inches and the length is in feet with a price. There are hundreds of other pipe types available at different rates in Pakistan.


Garden pipe prices normally don’t fluctuate frequently, however, due to different custom or transportation charges you might experience little bit distinct prices in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahwalpur, Bahawalnagar, Sukkur, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Vehari, DG Khan, DI Khan, or Kot Adu.

Garden pipe suppliers in Pakistan

Garden pipes categories are available in abundance types in Pakistan, similarly, there are hundreds and thousands of suppliers for garden pipes working in the local Pakistan business industry. Following are great water garden pipes sellers:

  • Classic Green Pipe Factory
  • Dura Flow Pipe Private Limited
  • Plasco Pipes Industry Pt Ltd.
  • Alqaim Industries
  • Teroplast Pipe Industries
  • Al-Saif Garden Pipe
  • Beta Pipes
  • Tarbel Pipe Store
  • SJ Plastic HDPE & UPVC Pipes
  • Minhas Fittings and Pipes
  • Haji Awais PVC Pipe Factory
  • Pakistan Pipes
  • Inayat Pipe Industries PRivate Ltd
  • Goodwill Plastic Industries
  • Hitachi PVC Pipes
  • Master Pipe Industries
  • New Usman PVC Pipe Manufacturers

Pros and Cons of using Garden Pipes

As other pipes have their own drawbacks and benefits in using, garden pipes also show their own benefits and disadvantages as follows:


  • Reliable for use in your lounge or garden due to their large diameter, the large hollow size allows this pipe to transmit large water amounts and throw it to the desired place.
  • Best for irrigation in an agricultural area, Pakistan is a vast agricultural land where such large pipes play a vital role in shifting water to larger crop areas.
  • Such pipes are primarily durable and available of high quality, due to this reason they go long run.
  • Have the ability to transfer water in bulk quantities like in tons of liters.
  • Due to their large size, chances for blockage within the pipe are minimized.
  • Are available in both solid and soft form, soft form garden pipes can be folded like a clothing for easy carriage from one place to another.
  • A thick sheet is being used in making these pipes, for their thickness they can’t be easily breakable.
  • If you are using a polythene garden pipe, you can cut it according to your need using the normal scissor.


  • Are not suitable if you have smaller areas where you are growing plants like a small home lounge.
  • Some iron garden pipes are prone to rust, which can be a negative point for such pipes.
  • They are specifically built for some special water transportation purposes, for this reason, you might not be able to utilize them in daily life.
  • Such pipe cant carry a little amount of water, if you want to transport water in littler amounts, these pipes will not be suitable for you.
  • This pipe is not easily available in shops in small quantities, you might be asked for a bulk purchase in most cases.

Are polythene garden pipes cheaper in the price?

Yes, most of transparent polythene garden pipes are cheaper in rates than hard garden pipes or garden pipes made of PVC material.

Can I use garden pipes for my small home?

It is better to use garden pipes only for areas with large spaces, try to avoid garden pipes for water transportation from your small home. If by luck you find any small-sized garden pipe, yes you can use it for very smaller areas.

Is it possible to attach a new garden pipe with a previous one?

Yes, you can easily;y attach two garden pipes using a steel wire to make it more longer.


Prefer investing your hard-earned money in high-quality pipes, quality-wise good pipes will go a long run in your backyard garden or lounge. If you want bulk purchase, you can take suggestions from any of your friends or relative who is expert in judging the quality of pipes, this will help you pick the right pipe for your need.

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