General Tyre Price in Pakistan

General tires from past decade doing billions of rupees business in Pakistan by making excellent quality tires in the local Pakistani market. An important thing to know about these tires is that General Tyres’s company name is GTR (General Tire and Rubber Company) a Pakistani tire manufacturer giant working for decades in the automobiles market of Pakistan.

As servis tire company is ruling the specific motorbike industry, similarly General tires are ruling 4 wheeler cars industry and setting the monopolies for their competitors in the market.

general tires

General tyres rates Pakistan

Tyre ModelSizePrice
BG Luxo Plus215/55 R1610500 PKR
XP2000 ii145/70 R126450 PKR
Euro Kompact155/70 R12 & 165/70 R126890-7500 PKR
Euro Tycon175/70 R13 & 145/80 R138440-7100 PKR
XP2000 II 155/80 R137990 PKR
Euro Star175/65 R158800 PKR
Euro Star195/65 R1510960 PKR
BG Luxo Plus195/60 R169900 PKR
BG Thunder Max205/55 R1610850 PKR
BG Trako Plus185/60 R157470 PKR
Tycon165/65 R148295 PKR

General Tyre Price

Black Bull12.4/11-2832250 PKR
Power Lug12.4/11-2829250 PKR
Double Bull14.9/2848850 PKR
Super All Grip16.9/14-3056650 PKR
Agri Rib7.50-2= Ply=812750 PKR

General Tyre price for SUV

BG Rapto 225/55 R1821600 PKR

General Tyre Price for trucks

Start Sprinter145 R12/86000 PKR
BG Vano Plus195 R15C11200 PKR
BG Alro Plus205/70 R15C11900 PKR

All general tire prices with their currently make models are listed above, you can also see each general tire with its size according to your need. All newly launched models of general tires will be listed as they touch the market shelf in Pakistan.

General tires fall in the category of exceptional quality for a very reasonable price that anybody can easily manage to afford for his car, truck, or SUV vehicles. As GTR is a Pakistani brand, it is shaping its quality tires by studying the roads and infrastructure of Pakistan, as we know most Pakistani roads are rough and are highly damageable to your car’s overall structure.

GTR is having a personal research center and teams of local researchers and mechanical engineers who are working day and night in their automotive labs to bring you high-grade tires for your high-weight vehicles. These are some of the reasons why General Tires is a leader and a successful automotive accessory brand.


You may experience somehow fluctuating rates of general tires in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Quetta. This is completely normal in an always-changing economy like Pakistan.

Pros and Cons of general tires


  • General tyre price in Pakistan is affordable according to the quality the company is offering, with these, general tires are more durable at reasonable costs than other tire brands.
  • Thick carbon rubber is used in them due to which they have a great road grip while the vehicle is moving on a fast-track highway.
  • Metal is incorporated within the rubber surface which makes these tires go long for many years.
  • The company is constantly researching new ways to improve tire quality for better road grips using modern scientific techniques.
  • Best suited for heavy-duty or large-sized container trucks or trailers.
  • Their grip is better in mud and even in sand dunes, if you are driving an SUV in the desert, it will not get stuck in the sand due to its larger ground surface and grippy rubber.


  • general tires cost sometimes more if you are having an SUV or any other imported vehicle, but there is no doubt that GTR as a corporate leader in the market has never compromised on the final quality of the product.
  • If you own a very small car like Mehran or cultus, I personally suggest you chose any other car brand for these cars, because general tires are a little bit high cost and specially designed for larger cars or trucks.

Why general tyres

  • General tires are premium quality tires, if you are having a big-size vehicle, it will be best for your car to maintain a road grip.
  • If you are not price-sensitive and ready to invest your hard-earned money in high-quality tires for your automobile, then these tires will never disappoint you.
  • In case you are a tubeless tire lover, general tires have great technology in them due to which they go even hundreds of kilometers with punctured or tube leakage which will not be the same in many tires in Pakistan.
  • Some general tires are perfectly eco-friendly, so these tires are for you if you are nature friendly. The carbon emission from these tires is not as harmful as other tires do.
  • There is a huge variety of this tire brand available in the market, the general tire is presenting a variety of quality tires for a larger customer base in Pakistan, which will be a plus point for you or you have many options for these tires to choose from.


Who are general tires made by?

General tires are made by an American company named Continental Tire North America Inc which is a parent company of GTR.

What is the life of a general tire in kilometers?

General tires have a life span of around 40000 to 45000 KM.


General tires in Pakistan are mostly for large-size 4-wheeler vehicles, in other countries there may be such tyre available for bikes but not in the Pakistani local market. Chose general tires wisely for your car, SUV, or truck because some tires are not refundable at some shops. If you are ordering tires online, be sure about your car rim size before placing your order. Make sure you don’t forget to see the required tire size if you are purchasing a spare unit for your car.

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