GI Sheet price in Pakistan

GI sheet also known as the galvanized iron sheet is a commonly used cover sheet used in Pakistan. It is one of the low-cost solutions for roofing and shuttering with this it can be used for dozens of many other purposes.

GI sheets are made of iron and are flexible, due to their flexibility they are very easy to carry and install anywhere you want especially on the roof of a constructed home. GI sheets in terms of price are very much affordable, but their price also depends on the quality due to their large range available in the local market.

galvanized sheets
galvanized sheets

GI sheet rates

Unit MeasurementPrice
⅗*104500 Pkr
⅗*83100 Pkr
⅗*72600 Pkr
⅗*62300 Pkr

GI sheets and dimensions in Pakistan

Unit GuageThickness / MassUnit Area Sheet Weight
300.0157 in0.6563 pounds
290.0172 in0.7188 pounds 
280.0187 in0.7813 pounds
270.0202 in0.8438 pounds
260.0217 in0.9063 pounds
250.0247 in1.031 pounds
240.0376 in1.156 pounds
230.0306 in1.281 pounds
220.0336 in1.406 pounds
210.0366 in1.531 pounds
200.0396 in1.656 pounds
190.0456 in1.906 pounds
180.0516 in2.156 pounds
170.0575 in2.406 pounds
160.0635 in2.656 pounds
150.0710 in2.969 pounds
140.0785 in3.281 pounds
130.934 in3.906 pounds
120.1084 in4.531 pounds
110.1233 in5.561 pounds
100.1382 in5.781 pounds
90.1532 in6.406 pounds
80.1681 in7.031 pounds


All the sheet rates and measurements are recorded accordingly from different cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar, and Bahawalpur.

Types of GI sheets

There are dozens of GI sheets available locally in Pakistan that can be used for multi-purposes accordingly. Following are some categories of Galvanized sheets you can choose according to your need:

  • ST02Z GI Steel Sheet
  • DX51D Corrugated GI Sheet
  • DC51D GI Steel Sheet
  • SGCC GI Sheet
  • CS-B GI Sheet
  • SECCN5 Gi sheet
  • SECCN2 GI Sheet
  • DX51D Steel Sheet
  • DX51D-AZ150 Sheet with Aluminum Zinc Coating
  • DX51D-AZ120 Aluminum Zinc Plated Sheet

All the prices for gi sheets are not exact, you may find the sheet at different rates depending on the geolocation in Pakistan from where actually you are purchasing the sheet. Some cities may have a little bit expensive some may have cheap, because of the different customs and transportation charges that sellers had paid.

Pros and cons of using GI sheet


  • GI sheet is flexible and roll able, this features allow you to process many other techniques on it.
  • GI Sheet is reflexive to sunlight and other lights, this quality of it dies not allwo it to catch high temperature like light absorbents or black color do.
  • This sheet doea not get corroded because it has a zin and aluminum is used in coating of it.
  • This sheet is a multiple-purpose sheet, can be used for dozens of purposes.
  • This sheet is easily accessible in Pakistan, and you can get this in very reasonable price from anywhere in your local market.


  • Natural minerals are used in, we should minimal use mineral made things in our daily lives and should be dependent on more organic stuff.


Is GI sheet heat resistant?

GI sheets are not heat resistant, only their light reflexive property made them stay at low temperature.


Always make sure for what purpose you are taking GI sheet from the market, if you think you are unable to identify your purpose for having this iron sheet, it is preferrable to discuss your need with someone expert related to this field. Sometimes bulk purchases are money loss if you don’t know much about the product and the actual problem you are going to solve.

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