Glass Price in Pakistan

Glasswork is the most important part after a home construction completion. Glass price in Pakistan may vary according to the glass thickness and the location from where you are actually buying the glass.

Glass prices in Pakistan are not changing fast as other materials for construction, but they are constantly rising as the inflation rate in Pakistan rises day by day. The fact is, glass rates do not fluctuate with market rates.

glass sheets
Glass sheets

Current glass rates in Pakistan

Glass TypeUnit MeasurementPrice
Green Glass5mm178 Pkr
Green Reflective5mm218 Pkr
Brown5mm182 Pkr
Reflective Brown5mm218 Pkr
Blue Glass5mm182 Pkr
Reflective Blue5mm218 Pkr
WC Green Brownish5mm153 Pkr
WC Blue5mm150 Pkr
CC Green Brown5mm164 Pkr
CC Blue5mm155 Pkr
Green8mm357 Pkr
Brown12mm183 Pkr
Clear3mm106 Pkr
Clear3.5mm124 Pkr
Clear4mm141 Pkr
Clear5mm142 Pkr
Clear6mm193 Pkr
Clear8mm274 Pkr
Clear10mm370 Pkr
Clear12mm440 Pkr

Glass suppliers in Pakistan

To have good quality glass in your home decoration project is as important as the quality of other construction or home decor material for your home. Choosing quality over quantity always pay off in the long run, that’s why we have selected some famous suppliers in Pakistan from the top of the list. Following are glass suppliers you can consider purchasing from:

  • Ghani Glass.
  • Brother Glass.
  • Balochistan glass Private Limited.
  • Madin Glass Industry.
  • Pak Safety Glass Works.
  • Usman Fiber Glass.
  • AGI Ahmed Glass Industries.
  • GlassKote Pakistan.
  • Gunj Glass Works Limited.
  • Y&M Glass Company.
  • Al-Fattah Aluminum & Glass Works.
  • Pakistan Aluminum Glass.
  • Welcome Aluminum and Glass Works.
  • Farooq Glass Industries.
  • Sharif Glass House.
  • Noor Fibre Glass House.
  • Al-Rehman Fibre Glass Traders.

Glass types easily available in Pakistan

In glass works, the Pakistani industry is not a deal of low quality, there are dozens on glass types available in Pakistan. There is no doubt in saying that Pakistani glass workers are not low experienced in their work or dealing with different types of glass sheets.

Different types of glass sheets require different expertise levels of work in the industry. Following are some glass types easily available in Pakistan from which you can choose according to your need:

  • Bulletproof glass.
  • Impact-resistant glass.
  • Laminated glass sheet.
  • Absorbent glass.
  • Reflective to light glass.
  • Flexible or bendable glass.
  • Strike-resistant glass (bomb proof).
  • Tempered safety glass.


Choosing quality glass for your work is important, buying the glass from the market can sometimes be tricky for people who don’t know about the market or the material they want. Keeping an industry expert with you in case you are inexperienced in this industry is very much important. Most importantly if you are going to buy glass in bulk, you should consult with an expert or you can also take someone with you in the market to help you buy good quality material.

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