GM Cables Price in Pakistan

After building a complete home, cables are the most important part of having the electrical wiring within the constructed home walls and sealings. For this reason, having a clear estimation of GM cable rates is important. GM cables are one of the most popular and high-quality cables in Pakistan due to their smooth electricity transmission.

GB cables in Pakistan are keeping their place high on the list of most demanded and long-lasting wires. This electricity cable brand is mainly focusing on the construction sector for home wiring due to which it is gaining more popularity day by day in the construction sector. If we talk about gm cable prices, they are very much suitable for the quality they are offering. Following are the cable rates from high to low in the Pakistani local market.

gm cables
GM cables

GM cables rate list by size

Wire TypeUnit LengthPrice
RG790 meters5980 Pkr
1×10 MM90 meters25745 Pkr
1×6 mm90 meters15533 Pkr
1×4 mm90 meters10593 Pkr
1×2.5 mm (stranded cable type)90 meters6341 Pkr
1×2.5 mm90 meters6213 Pkr
1×1.5 mm (stranded cable type)90 meters4109 Pkr
1×1.5 mm90 meters4028 Pkr
1×1 mm90 meters3100 Pkr
7/0.29 90 meters7830 Pkr
3/0.29 90 meters4400 Pkr


All gm cable rates can be observed different in major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Peshawar, Kot Adu, Dg Khan, DI Khan, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Faisalabad, Jhang, Multan, Sialkot, and Gujranwala. Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

GM cables suppliers in Pakistan

GM cables are not sold on non-authorized dealerships, you will only be able to buy this cable from a registered authorized seller or shop in Pakistan. If you buy any gm cable from non-GM authorized shop, there will be no guarantee that the cable you bought is an original or low-quality copy. Following are some of the cable dealers in Pakistan you can select to buy from:

  • Jamala Sons Electric
  • Awan Electric Store
  • Ayub Bhutta Electric Store
  • Modern Electric
  • Naeem Brothers Electric Store
  • Pakistan Electric and colling store
  • Raza Brothers Electric Store
  • Usman Irfan Electric Store
  • Ammad Electric
  • Light House Mandian
  • Hafiz electric Store
  • Fiza electric Store
  • Javed Electric
  • Rizwan Electric
  • Gulshan Electric
  • Al Muneed Electric
  • Daniyal traders
  • Zeeshan Electric
  • Shahbaz Electric
  • Zaib Bilal Electric Store
  • 5 Start Electric Store

Pros and cons of GM cables

GM cables are the most reliable and quality-wise high wires available in Pakistan. You will notice more the number of its pros than benefits due to its premium quality.


  • The wiring inside the GM cable is made of high energy transmission cable copper, for this reason your electrical appliances will be long lasting, also will not consume more electricity and produce more bills.
  • `Highly qualified experienced work power is being used in making of GM cables, a very dry wire’s internal will not let the copper get rust.
  • GM presents a wide range of cables than some other cable brands in market, you will have more options to choose.
  • The outer cable covering is made of high quality rubber and plastic mixture material with a great melting temperature, it does not get fire easily if get heated.
  • The flexibility in the cable surface is highly optimized and wont get damage if get any extra bend or pressure.
  • Most of the metal wires when get high temperature or low temperature, they change their size, it is not the case in GM cables as they are made of first hand copper.
  • Multi-layered copper wire is being used in this cable, this helps in transmitting more amount of energy in a calculated budget.


  • There is such con seen in GM cables in our whole experience, this wire is great of all time cable company.

Why GM cables

  • If you want long term quality maintained cables for your home, choose GM.
  • Their prices are normally higher than other wire brands in Pakistan, but nor doubt, GM is delivering quality from years to Pakistani market.
  • Choosing GM, you will not have to worry about for life about wire damage or short circuit within the concrete wall.
  • GM will be the best option if you don’t want fluctuation in the electricity supply in extreme weathers.


Is GM cables ISO certified?

GM cables is a authoritative and ISO 9001:2000 certified company providing high quality products in Pakistan.


Going for a bulk cable purchase? Do not go alone to buy bulk cables in Pakistan if you are not having enough experience fo what cable in what place and for what purpose you are going to install. Always consult with a related market expert before going actually spending money on it. Keep in mind the very major difference in a wire’s conductivity is because of the copper type used in it.

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