Gold Price in Karachi | Gold Rate Today Karachi 2023

The gold rate at Karachi is volatile like gold prices in other cities of Pakistan. If we talk about specifically Karachi, then the costs might be a little bit different from other regions of Pakistan, because Karachi is at the end of Pakistan where daily trade might affect the local commodity prices.

If we see other things in terms of prices, then Karachi falls in the list of top cities of Pakistan where prices are very affordable, due to this, there might be lower gold rates compared to other regions of Pakistan.

Karachi gold rates

Gold Price in Karachi Today

Gold PurityWeightPrice
2410 grams179,527 PKR
241 Tola209,400 PKR
2210 grams164,566 PKR
221 tola191,950 PKR
Silver10 grams2,265 PKR
gold price in karachi today per tola and 10 grams


All data gathered related to gold rates in Karachi is on a market research basis, however, we aren’t responsible for any loss. Keep in mind that prices are always changing. Also, be aware of some fake gold sellers working in the market.

As gold rates fluctuate in the international market, gold rates in the region of Karachi are also not fixed. Be aware that the 24K gold price in Karachi is different than 22K which is a worldwide standard.

The 24k and 22K gold prices differentiate on the basis of purity, 24K gold is always purer than 22, and for this reason, always take advantage of investing in the purest gold form. Also, make sure you invest in gold bricks rather than jewelry gold. 


How is the gold price in Karachi determined?
The gold rates within Karachi and the whole of Pakistan are determined or set according to various factors like currency exchange rates and international gold rates.

Why is the gold price in Karachi volatile?
It is not volatile just in Karachi but in the whole of Pakistan and the world, it keeps on changing with the passage of time. It changes according to local market dynamics, international economic prices, and current currency rates.

Is the gold price in Karachi different from other regions of Pakistan?
Yes, it will always be slightly different than other cities, because of the geographical location factor, this factor greatly affects not only gold local rates but also the prices of other goods.

Can I expect different gold prices in different shops in Karachi?
Yes it a possible, in the whole Pakistan, due to the non-maintained infrastructure of prices in the local market, you can experience different gold rates at different shops in Karachi.

 How can I stay updated with the latest gold prices in Karachi?
You can stay updated with the latest gold prices specifically in Karachi by checking reliable local financial news websites, contacting reputable jewellers, or using mobile applications that provide real-time price updates. We don’t recommend that the information we provided is enough for you to make a purchase.

 Are there any gold price trends specific to Karachi?
While the overall gold price trends in Karachi are influenced by global factors, specific local events or market conditions may also impact the prices temporarily. It is advisable to monitor for any significant changes in the local market.

 What are the payment methods accepted for buying gold in Karachi?
There are not any specific payment methods, still, gold purchases are being held offline or traditionally in the whole of Pakistan. We also recommend you not make any purchase for this merely online or without talking to someone.

Are there any taxes or additional charges on buying gold in Karachi?
Yes, there may be taxes and additional charges for buying gold in Karachi. These charges can vary, so it is advisable to inquire about any applicable taxes or fees before making a purchase.

What factors should I consider before investing in gold in Karachi?
Before investing in gold in Pakistan or in Karachi, consider factors like current market trends, gold price forecasts, your goals for finances and risk bearance in case of loss, as well as the most important gold seller reputation in the market.

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