Gold Rate in Islamabad | Gold Rate in Rawalpindi 2023

The gold rate in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is almost the same because both are different cities at a very small distance and are located in the same region. Compared to other cities in Pakistan, gold prices are always higher in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Make sure you are aware of constantly fluctuating gold prices in all over Pakistan due to constantly changing local economic conditions. Gold prices in Rawalpindi and Islamabad may slightly differ at different sellers because every seller here is selling with different criteria.

Gold Price in Rawalpindi Today

Gold Type/PurityWeightPrice
24K10 Grams201,046 PKR
24K1 Tola234500 PKR
22K10 Grams184292 PKR
22K1 Tola214958 PKR
Silver10 Grams2243 PKR

All these prices are set according to the purity of gold you are purchasing from the market, A 24-carat gold will always be more expensive than the gold cata lower than 24 because the higher the purity in carats, the more will be the sale and purchase rate.

If you are an interested gold investor, try to invest in the purest gold form rather than investing in the 22k gold form which is most commonly used for making designer jewelry. Also, be aware before investing your money in large quantities that gold is not always appreciating in its value as real estate, but still it’s a very safe investment.

Gold Dealers in Islamabad

You may find hundreds of gold dealers in the territory of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, because these areas in Pakistan are considered to be the hub of investors. Following are somem famously known gold dealers in Islamabad.

  • Pure Gold Jewelers & Gold Dealers
  • Munir Songs Jewelers & Gold Dealers
  • Tayyab Jewelers & Gold Dealers
  • Crystal Jewelers & Gold Dealers
  • Cash N Gold Exchange International


It’s always recommended that you should never invest a large amount of money in gold without any experience or information. Always take time before taking massive steps, take advice from your friend circle who have enough knowledge of gold investments, also do not hesitate to consult with an investment/finance consultant before taking any step.


Does Islamabad have higher gold prices than other cities in Pakistan?
Yes, it’s true, Islamabad has higher prices for gold as compared to other cities of Pakistan, It is normal because Islamabad and Rawalpindi are expensive cities in terms of costs.

Are gold prices the same in Rawalpindi and Islamabad?
Yes, gold prices in both these are almost the same. These cities are considered sister cities of Pakistan because they are very close to each other, both these cities share the same roads and infrastructure.

Which gold is mostly used in Islamabad for investment?
There is no fixed or special standard for gold investment in Islamabad, people here normally use 24K gold for investmenting. In almost whoel Pakistan people use to invest in msot puirest gold form, becuase jewelery gold loses its value as it goes under reprocessing or renewal. 

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