Gold Rate Today Faisalabad 2023

The gold rate in Faisalabad and all over Pakistan is constantly fluctuating according to changing economic conditions locally. The changes world economy always affect the gold rates nationally as well as internationally in Pakistan.

If we talk about the local rates of gold in Faisalabad, these are a little bit different than gold prices in other cities of Pakistan because economic trade in Faisalabad is different than other countries in Pakistan, because it’s one of the biggest cities of Pakistan.

Gold Rate Faisalabad Today

24K10 grams191101 PKR
24K1 Tola222900 PKR
22K10 grams175175 PKR
22K1 Tola204325 PKR


We are not responsible for any loss, we don’t recommend you any gold seller in Faisalabad. All data gathered is on the basis of research. You must be aware of fraudulent activities going on in the country.

You might notice a little bit of a price difference between 24K and 22K it is just because of the gold purity. The purity of a gold piece is always defined by carat, more the number behind K more will be the pure gold is. This price differentiation due to gold purity is not only applicable in Faisalabad but all over the Pakistan and world.

Mostly 24K gold is used by investors for saving their money and 22K gold is used by jewelers. The reason why many people choose to invest in pure gold bricks, it doesn’t lose their value as the jewelry gold loses.

Gold Rate Fluctuation

Gold prices in cities of Pakistan are very frequently changing including Faisalabad. Gold rates are always different You must keep in mind that in Pakistan all types of gold are in demand like 19K, 20K, 21K, 22K, and 24K, but most in demand by investors is the purest in brick form.

Gold rates don’t only fluctuate in Pakistan and cities, but also all over the world, its rates always depend on the current going economic conditions. Another factor that affects the gold price is inflation, as inflation is going high day by day, gold rates are also going high with inflation.


If you are a regular investor of gold make sure you invest in the purest gold brick instead of investing in jewelry, because the gold used in jewelry loses its value after going through different types of processes. 


Why are gold prices going up in Pakistan?
Gold is considered one of the most precious and limited metals on earth, it doesn’t lose its value as inflation increases. In short words it doesn’t lose its price no matter how high the inflation is going, you can now understand that its price is always increasing as the inflation is going high in Pakistan.

What is the most useable gold in Faisalabad?
There is no specific type of gold that is useable in Faisalabad, all types of gold are always in Pakistan as well in Faislabad.

Does Faisalabad have high gold prices compared to other cities in Pakistan?
Gold price is almost the same in Faisalabad compared to other cities of Pakistan, but still, there is a little bit of price differentiation between gold rates in different cities of Pakistan.

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