Hino Truck Prices in Pakistan 2023

Hino truck prices in Pakistan are mostly searched prices in truck categories due to their high demand for a long time after its launch in the local Pakistani market. There are many truck models of Hino available in Pakistani in new conditions in showrooms.

The latest Hino truck prices have been increased to an extent in Pakistan due to an overall price hike against inflation including all truck prices. The Hino truck is mostly used for commercial purposes in Pakistan like transporting goods or cargo from one place to another locally.

hino truck
Hino truck

Hino Truck Prices

ModelsEngine PowerPrices
Dutro 300 Series 6404000cc5550000 PKR
Dutro 300 Series 6504000cc5650000 PKR
Dutro 300 Series 7204000cc6650000 PKR
Dutro 300 Series 7304000cc6650000 PKR
FG8J KLB (4*2) 500 Series7684cc13950000 PKR
FL8J RLA (6*2) 500 Series7684cc17050000 PKR
FM8J NLD (6*2) 500 Series7684cc19000000 PKR
FG8J GLT (4*2) 500 Series7684cc14000000 PKR
FM8J KLT (6*2) 500 Series7684cc19300000 PKR
FM2P KLA (6*2) 500 Series10520cc22200000 PKR

The beauty of Hino company is that it has a wide model range for Pakistani audiences in almost all engine power ranges. This company is a Japanese-based vehicle manufacturer, a child company of Toyota.

Best Things About Hino:

  • Hard and tough Japanese-made body, won’t be easily get damaged by jerks.
  • A Toyota-owned company, due to this reason the company is having a great experience in the industry.
  • All basic and required features will be pre-installed, you don’t have to install extra features.
  • Long-lasting and durable vehicle.
  • More engine power options to choose from according to your need and budget.
  • Hino has maintained the quality of the vehicle over the period of time.
  • All the workforce used in Hino company is highly educated and skillful.
  • All engine spare parts of Hino trucks are easily and readily available in Pakistan.
  • The spare parts of this company are affordable and easy to install, any motor mechanic can understand easily. 
  • Wide and double tires help the vehicle to achieve more grip on highway roads even with high speed.


Is Hino a Pakistani-based vehicle company?

No, it’s a Japanese child company of Toyota selling its vehicles in the Pakistani market.

Which Hino truck model is widely used in Pakistan?

Hino Dutro 300 Series 640 which is 4000cc and Hino FL8J RLA (6*2) 500 Series 7684cc is mostly used trucks in Pakistan due to their performance and good prices.

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