Inverex Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

Are you looking for Invertex solar panel prices in Pakistan for your next solar system project? Inverex solar panels are high in demand because of their quality fittings and durability in solar cells. Inverex solar plates are no doubt of high-quality material made.

Inverse solar panel rates range between 7000 PKR to 17000 PKR because this company is mainly focusing on making small-size solar plates for local Pakistani audiences. Most people use this plate for small electrical appliances like a small energy save bulb or a small stand fan.

Inverex solar panels
Inverex solar panels

Vertex solar panel price list

Mono Perc1808700 PKR
Mono Perc38017920 PKR
Mono Perc1808700 PKR
Mono Perc38017920 PKR
Inverperfect Poly1507000 PKR
Poly1707700 PKR
Inverperfect Mono1507300 PKR
Inverperfect Poly1507000 PKR
inverex solar plates price

Inverex’s most powerful solar plate is 380 watts and is available in two mono perc types. This is the most in-demand solar panel plate of inverse that is most of the time used with small fans or with UPS or inverter.

The imperfect poly solar panel is another Inverex panel type that is demanded by people who want to integrate the plate with an energy saver bulb. This plate is one of the small solar cells of Inverex with a low energy output of 150 watts.

Inverex solar panel suppliers in Pakistan

There are hundreds of local suppliers of Inverex you will find if you go to the market for purchase, following are some selected suppliers of this solar panel company.

  • Inverex Solar Solution
  • Inverex Solar Energy
  • Inverex Sales and Distribution Lahore
  • Inverex Display Center
  • Inverex Power Solutions
  • Inverex IMH Traders
  • MS Electronics
  • Zulfiqar Solar Power Solutions
  • Pak Solar Traders
  • DGK7 Solar Systems
  • Bright UPS Center
  • Novatek Outlet
  • Premier Energy Pvt Ltd
  • Delux Solar
  • Sk Solar Energy
  • PowerX Solar and Inverters
  • Xtreme Solar Energy

Best things about Vertex solar panel

  • Inverex solar panels are cheap and easy to afford for small-budget people or people who want to use them with small electrical appliances.
  • There are only a few types of Inverex solar plates available in Pakistan, it is beneficial if you do not want to be lost in the complexion of a large range or solar panel varieties.
  • It is one of the best local Pakistani solar brands, if you are a type of supportive person to your local economy, this solar panel is for you.
  • Inverex Solar comes in the top 5 local Pakistani companies making quality wise good solar cells.


Is Inverex solar panel imported?

Inverex is a high-quality local Pakistani brand selling durable small to medium-sized solar panels.

What is the highest-power solar panel of inverex?

Inverex mono perc solar panel of 380 watts is the one with the highest power output energy, it is also the most expensive but affordable on the list.


We give 5-star rating to this solar company, and can also suggest you to use this according to out experience. If you are a business person and interested to invest in bulk for further reselling or trade, we are not talented enough to recommend you, you can as to someone expert in trading this. One last thing, if you are buying for personal use, make sure you are buying the original one, there are always copies available of every good brand in Pakistan, be aware of it.

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