Iron Chokhat Price in Pakistan

Iron chokhat prices in Pakistan are not the same everywhere in the country, their prices also keep changing as other construction material rates in Pakistan. Iron or steel frame price changes at a frequency of 3 days or a week.

Iron chokhat in pakistan are also known as steel chokhat are very much durable metal frames used for doors and windows placements. Iron chokhats are available in different sizes and quality-wise different materials in local markets of Pakistan. Befoe you get to know chokat prices, these are cheaper than aluminum frames but not more durable.

iron chokhat
iron chokhat

As they are available ready-made in the market, you can also make them customize on demand by asking steelworkers. Iron chokhat in these days are very improved in quality because now they do not get rusted when in contact with water because of the mixing of some other chemical elements. Nowadays fiber doors and window chokhats are also available in Pakistan, but at this time, they are not much popular.

Iron chokhat rates

GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
143×79 inches8600 PKR
163×79 inches7750 PKR
183×79 inches5780 PKR
203×79 inches4760 PKR
GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
143×74 inches6800 PKR
163×74 inches5950 PKR
183×74 inches4080 PKR
203×74 inches3400 PKR
223×74 inches2040 PKR
GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
143.5×89 inches9750 PKR
163.5×89 inches8775 PKR
183.5×89 inches6630 PKR
203.5×89 inches5460 PKR
223.5×89 inches4000 PKR
GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
143.5×84 inches7800 PKR
163.5×84 inches6825 PKR
183.5×84 inches4680 PKR
203.5×84 inches3900 PKR
223.5×84 inches2590 PKR
GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
142.5×79 inches7425 PKR
162.5×79 inches6600 PKR
182.5×79 inches5600 PKR
202.5×79 inches4620 PKR
222.5×79 inches3300 PKR
GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
142.5×74 inches6600 PKR
162.5×74 inches5610 PKR
182.5×74 inches3960 PKR
202.5×74 inches3100 PKR
222.5×74 inches2000 PKR


Iron chokat rates according to present market conditions are seen in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, Vehari, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Sukkur, Kot Adu, Toba Tek Singh, Dg Khan, DI Khan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, and Peshawar.

Pros and cons of using iron chokhat

Iron chokhat can be a long-lasting metal frame for your doors and windows spaces, but there are also its disadvantages present.


  • Iron chokhats are handy and very easy to install, not much expertise is required to install these frames.
  • They are low-priced items and can be purchased on any budget.
  • They are easily customizable.
  • You can use oil paint on them, in this way they will not get rusted in the future.
  • Normally cheaper than other types of frames.
  • Are long lasting than wooden chokat, but wooden chokat are not in trend now in Pakistan, most of the people prefer iron or fiber chokat these days.


  • Can easily get rust after contact with water.
  • Only an experienced steelworker can cut and customize them.
  • If you paint on them, the paint will not be long-lasting or permanent on the surface, the moment it gets contact with water, the paint will start weakening, and ultimately get rusted.
  • A separate window or door must be purchased with an iron chokat, which is not same in aluminum windows, aluminum windows have a pre-fitted chokat with them
  • Requires more work to be done for complete installation than aluminum windows.


Is iron chokat available with already fitted window?

No it is not most of the time, for this you have to buy aluminum doors or windows,

Are iron chokats rust proof?

Iron chokat is not a rut proof material because of complete iron used in making of this.

What is the best iron chokat?

Stainless iron chokat will be the best choice, but these are commonly not available in Pakistan.


Always buy high-quality chokhats, if you are buying in bulk. Remember, if you are inexperienced and don’t know much about iron or steel frames, or for what purpose and size you are going to use, make sure you consult with an expert who knows details about this, he may guide you better to which you should invest money. 

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