Iron and Steel Pipe Price in Pakistan

Iron pipes prices in Pakistan are high compared to new-generation pvc pipes or flexible plastic pipes. Iron pipes are still commonly used and very commonly available in the Pakistani market, you can purchase from any good supplier without taking any expert advice.

Iron pipes have their own benefits and disadvantages but they can be utilized for distinct purposes in Pakistan still some people are using such pipes in the water supply connection in their newly constructed homes. The very best thing about iron pipes is that these pipes are highly durable and non-breakable, with this these pipes can also be screwed if their previous screw gets damaged due to rust or for any other reason.

iron and steel pipes
iron and steel pipes

Iron pipes in Pakistan are very commonly available like PPRC pipes and PVC pipes available. Metal pipes cost in the market per KG weight. Purchasing each pipe category, you will be charged according to one Kg pipe weight.

Steel pipes rate list

Steel Pipe LengthPrice
1416 Pkr
1-1/4537 Pkr
1-1/2632 Pkr
2835 Pkr
2-1/21365 Pkr
31720 Pkr
42365 Pkr
53075 Pkr
64025 Pkr
75950 Pkr
88600 Pkr
1011900 Pkr
1212500 Pkr
1416650 Pkr
1618500 Pkr

Per Kg iron pipe price

Iron Pipe BrandUnit WeightPrice
Stainless Steel 1kg240 Pkr
MS Steel pipe1kg282 Pkr
GI Steel Pipe1kg210 Pkr
GS and MS pipe fitting accessories1kg250 Pkr
Goal Pipe1kg295 Pkr

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iron pipe history
Iron/Steel Price History In Pakistan


All the information regarding this pipe and prices are accordingly all cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Sialkot, and Karachi. You will see similar prices to the mentioned prices when you go to the market to buy. 

Pipe suppliers in Pakistan

Water pipe suppliers exist in abundance in the local Pakistani hardware market. You can easily find thousands of iron or steel water pipe suppliers in every city of Pakistan. It is also true that Pakistan is one of the largest markets for hardware accessories, also it is one of the hardware exporter countries in the world. Pakistan may not be a giant in this industry but yes, it is generating a huge amount of income by exporting steel or iron pipes to foreign countries. Following are some famously known pipe suppliers in Pakistan:

  • Minhas Pipe and Fittings
  • PLASCO pipes industries Pvt Ltd
  • New Tech Pipes
  • Adamjee Durabuilt Private Limited
  • Iqbal pipe Store
  • M Shafi & Brothers
  • Dura Flow & Pipe Industries
  • Beta Pipes
  • Kausar engineering Pvt Ltd
  • Master Pipe Industries Pvt Ltd

Pros and Cons of using iron or steel pipes

Each water pipe has its own benefits and drawbacks, similarly, metal pipes in their usage history have also been recorded with their advantages and disadvantages. Following are some pros and cons of using steel pipes or iron pipes in your construction project:


  • Non-burstable: No matter how much pressure water flows within the pipe, iron or steel pipe will never burst due to high water pressure movement.
  • Nonbendable: this can be sometimes an advantage, and sometimes can be a disadvantage. Using such pipes if you are constructing a small-sized home will be beneficial for you, but if you are making a large-sized home like 10 marlas or more, this pipe will bend and can become damaged from a random surface because it cannot sometimes absorb shocks when it is connected from ground to top floor or roof of your house.
  • Rust: if you are using stainless steel pipe, chances are high it will not get any damage due to rust, but if you are using iron-made pipe, chances are high it will get rusted.
  • Branded: If you choose a high-quality or branded steel pipes for pipelining in your house, chances are you might not face any difficulty in the long run.
  • High weight capacity: These pipes have the capacity to even manage high weights upon them.
  • Optimizers: As these are made of metal, these are perfect optimizers of their material according to the weather conditions. In high-temperature weather their size expands, while in low-temperature weather their size is decreased. This optimizer feature allows these pipes to transfer even extremely high-temperatured liquid or water safely without any damage to the pipe surface.


  • It can get rusted most of the time if you are specifically using the iron pipe.
  • It can break if you connect it from the base floor of your home to the top floor by little jerks.
  • If the such pipe gets breaks or cracks at a joint surface, it can’t be welded using gas weld or any other welding type easily.
  • The weight of the overall building can be increased at a greater extend if you install the whole pipeline of metal pipe which is not a good thing for a building structure.


Is it possible to cut steel pipe using a grinder?

You can cut steel or iron pipe, but there is no guarantee that you will get the desired final touch of the pipe, you might lose the screws as you get with the genuine pipe.

Are metal pipes repairable?

Yes sometimes repairable and sometimes not, it depends on the damage to the pipe you got, mostly rusted and broken pipes are irreparable.


If you are buying one piece of a few, you can choose any supplier or any pipe brand for your purchase, in most cases Pakistani market is highly saturated with hardware pipe sellers, so chances are more that you will get a good quality pipe. Still, trying to take an expert with yourself if you are inexperienced in buying metal water pipes in bulk for large projects?

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