Isuzu Truck Prices in Pakistan 2023

Isuzu truck prices in Pakistan are as competitive as other trucks in Pakistan. Isuzu is a Japanese vehicle manufacturing company making high-quality commercial trucks for the Pakistani transport industry.

There are many truck models of Isuzu available, but some of which are successfully operational in Pakistan have been listed with their current market prices as below. All Isuzu models are 

isuzu trucks

Isuzu Truck Price List

Isuzu NPR71K4×25100000 PKR
Isuzu NMR554×24700000 PKR
Isuzu NLR554×24000000 PKR
Isuzu NHR4×23650000 PKR
Isuzu NKR4×24300000 PKR
Isuzu NPR664×24800000 PKR
Isuzu4×24850000 PKR

Isuzu as a vehicle giant is one of the market leaders in the automobile industry serving for decades in the local Pakistani market. 

Best Things About Isuzu Truck

  • Isuzu is a Japanese-made vehicle with a hard and tough body, the body isn’t easily bendable. In case you have an accident, there will be minimal damage.
  • With a greater number of options, you can choose any Isuzu truck according to your budget and need.
  • The company is one of the leading vehicle companies in the vehicle market, for this reason, all the spare parts made by this company are made of high quality.
  • Highly efficient and durable engine with very optimal fuel consumption.


Is Isuzu a Pakistani vehicle brand?

No, it’s a Japanese vehicle brand working for decades in the industry.

Are ISUZ trucks manufactured in Pakistan?

all ISUZ spare parts are manufactured in Japan but all vehicles are assembled in Pakistan for the Pakistani market.


Buying an Isuzu truck will be the best option for you if you have a very defined budget because all the trucks of this company are made specifically for the people of Pakistan who have a very limited budget but want to buy a high-quality truck for business or transportation.

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