JAC Truck Prices in Pakistan

JAC truck prices in Pakistan are affordable as compared to other truck prices in the market. JAC is almost a newly launched vehicle company in Pakistan which is a Chinese-based automotive company. This company has a wide range of vehicles like sedans, hatchbacks, and trucks.

There are so many truck models and variants of JAC, but particularly in Pakistan there are few launched according to the market size. Compared to Forland trucks, Foton trucks, Hino trucks, and ISUZU trucks, this company has launched fewer truck models in the Pakistani market which are very much affordable and comfortable in the value paid.

jac trucks
jac trucks

JAC Trucks Rates in Pakistan

JAC Truck ModelsEnginePrices
JAC X2002771cc, 57HP3290000 PKR
JAC 1020K2771cc, 76HP2650000 PKR
JAC 1042K2771cc, 91HP3650000 PKR

In terms of engine cc, these truck variants of JAC are the same but possess all possess different engine horsepower. There are many other cabin features of these trucks included which you might not get in this price in Pakistan.

Best Things About JAC Trucks

There are many pros of the JAC truck because its not a locally made truck, it’s an internationally made truck with dozens of features and experiences at a very low price.

  • JAC trucks are very comfortable in driving, it feels like you are driving a luxury car because it has modern technology installed in it.
  • It’s a high-quality Chinese-made truck with all new spare parts used in it, the company is never using used or low-quality spare parts in it.
  • The JAC company has a great experience in the automotive industry as it is surviving in the market since 1964. The company is also listed on the stock market which is an indication that this company is being operational professionally.
  • It has wide company-fitted tires made of high-quality rubber material for extra grip on slippery roads.
  • The weight of this truck is equally divided on the chassis for better speed and road balance.
  • The prices of this truck have increased over a period of time in Pakistan but not that much.
  • The company is taking care of the vehicle quality with no price increments.
  • The metal used in all truck models of this company is of premium quality.
  • The weight and caring capacity of this truck is amazing.
  • Seats are comfortable with extra comfort foam used inside, the cabin is well furnished with air conditions and a wide dashboard for a wide road view.
  • Almost all JAC trucks get high speed in a very less amount of time.
  • Most people have positive reviews about this truck in Pakistan.
  • High-quality light beams are used in this truck for better vision during night driving.
  • Extensions can be installed on demand.


Is JAC a Pakistani vehicle company?
It’s a Chines automobile company a few years back started selling its vehicle units in Pakistan.

Which is the most popular truck model of JAC in Pakistan?
JAC X200 is the most affordable small-size truck of this company and the most popularly used truck in Pakistan.

Do JAC trucks have power steering?
Yes almost all JAC trucks come with a power steering system.

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