Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Jinko Solar are premium quality Chinese-made solar panel frequently being used by Pakistani people from many years. Jinko solar panel is a company in competition to Canadian solar companies, but it is a totally Chinese brand. 

Jiniko solar panel rates in Pakistan start from 24000 and end maybe around 69760. The most minimal power output power solar cell of this company is 330 watts.

Jinko solar panels
Jinko solar panels

Jinko Solar price list

Watt / PowerPrice
34024000 PKR
33042240 PKR
44556960 PKR
46058880 PKR
46559520 PKR
52567200 PKR
53067840 PKR
53568480 PKR
54069760 PKR


Price may vary according to the regions from where you are buying Jinko solar panels, it will cost differently in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan, Vehari, Faisalabad, Jhang, Sukkur, DG Khan, DI Khan, Toba Tek Singh, Bahawalpur, Bahwalnagar, Ahmedpur, Gujarat, Azad Kashmir, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Sialkot.

Jinko Solar Panel Suppliers in Pakistan

Only few jinko solar suppliers are currently known as follow:

  • Mesol Solar
  • Pak Solar Traders
  • Jinko Solar Installation and Configuration

Best things about Jinko Solar Panel

  • Jinko solar panel prices usually are higher than some other normal solar brands in Pakistan, but a solar system built with Jinko will last long.
  • Imported high-quality panels with extra side safety aluminum coverings.
  • Can work at night in sunlight as some other branded panels.
  • It is imported, so it’s made to international operating standards.
  • The solar cells used in Jinko solar plates are wide, which means they grab more sunlight to produce energy.
  • You can use both with Inverters, UPS, generators and with other DC-AC energy converters.
  • You will have multiple-watt options to choose from, as there are dozens of plate types available in the market.


What is the best Jinko solar panel?

The best Jinko solar panel is the one that fulfills your need.


Jinko solar panels are high-performing solar cells tested personally. The demand for this solar panel is very high compared to other solar panels in Pakistan.If you are looking to buy this in bulk, make sure you buy the original instead of a copy of it.

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