kerosene oil price Today in Pakistan 2023

Kerosene oil prices in Pakistan move according to the whole oil and gas industry’s economic situation. Kerosene oil is a cheaper oil type than diesel and petrol, but it is somehow as fire catcher as other fuels.

Kerosene oil in Pakistan is known as mitti ka tail مٹی کا تیل. Kerosene oil is a very similar oil to diesel but it is not actually. This oil is extracted the same as diesel and petrol from first-stage raw crude or petroleum oil by oil refineries.

Updated Kerosene Oil Price Today

Oil TypeRates
Kerosene Oil Standard163.77 Pkr
kerosene oil rate in Pakistan

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Most of the time kerosene oil is only available in standard type in all Pakistani areas. Also, the rates are government-decided as other petroleum products.

Similar to other crude products, kerosene oil after extraction pass through a normal trade process in which various taxes are applied to reach retailers in Pakistan. These applied taxes are different in different Pakistani cities, due to this reason kerosene oil prices/liter may differentiate in local cities.

Kerosene oil updates in Pakistan

The Pakistani government has decided to maintain old prices for fuel products this month. Ishaq Dar in his conference stated that “We will not increase petroleum product prices and they will remain the same as previous rates”

He also stated in one of his press conferences that “various bank appeals including National and State Bank are straight-forwardly rejected that are against interest abolition”

In major regions of Pakistan like Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh kerosene oil are only available on petrol pumps. In these provinces only authorized sellers like Shell, PSO, Attock, and Total PARCO are allowed to sell kerosene oil.

Pros and cons of using kerosene oil

There are no such advantages and disadvantages of using kerosene oil because it will only be utilized to its desired place.


  • Cost-effective fuel than petrol and diesel.
  • Can be used for engines and many other purposes like kerosene oil stoves.


  • Using it in a diesel or petrol engine or any machine that runs on it can damage the engine badly.

How kerosene oil is made

  • As the refining process for petrol extraction goes, a stage comes before the refining of diesel, the crude oil in this stage is known as kerosene oil.
  • Kerosene oil or militia ka tel is a crude oil or petroleum product like other products including petrol and diesel. This is as inflammable as petrol or diesel after they contract to fire.
  • Kerosene oil can be extracted just after the removal of crude compounds in raw crude oil after distillation.


Can I use kerosene oil in a petrol engine?

You can use sometimes in differently abled engines these days, but keep in mind that kerosene oil is not petrol engine friendly, it can harm.


In Pakistan, many unauthorized sellers are selling kerosene oil full of impurities. Such sellers are destroying many customers of their B2B customers. If you are looking to buy kerosene oil in bulk for your business or fuel station, take recommendations from industry experts in the related field. There are chances that you may get a deal from any fraudulent or unauthorized seller.

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