Longi Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

Long solar panel prices are a must-know thing if you are looking to buy Longi solar plates for your next solar system project. Longi solar panels are in competition with some other small solar companies in Pakistan but are commonly used by Pakistanis for sunning small electrical products.

The solar panel prices in Pakistan are set according to the supply and demand of this around th whole year 365 days. Batteries, solar panels, and Ups are always in-demand items throughout the year across Pakistan due to the electricity load-shedding crisis.

Longi solar panels
Longi solar panels

Longi solar panel price list

445 Watts64525 PKR
450 Watts65250 PKR
535 Watts77575 PKR
540 Watts78300 PKR
525 Watts76125 PKR

There are only a few series of Longi solar plates being sold in Pakistan, but these are always in high demand due to their exceptional quality of energy-delivering output.

Longi solar panels are created by LONGI as the parent company, LNGI was founded back in 2000, and it’s a Chinese company working with the aim to provide a boost in green energy products to provide low-no carbon emission energy providing gadgets.


Note: Longi solar panel rates in Pakistan may be different according to different customers and distances from suppliers to retailers. You might see their prices a little bit different in your areas like Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Muktan Vehari, Mandi Bahauddin, Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Burewala, Ahmedpur, Kot Addu, Nankana, DG Khan, DI Khan, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujarat, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Azad Kashmir, and Abbottabad.

Long Solar panel suppliers in Pakistan

Longi solar panels are one of the hot-selling items for small-sized electrical energy or solar system projects most of the time in the summer season. As this is a regular selling item, so obviously there will be more suppliers available in the market from which few are as below:

  • MESOL Solar Panels
  • MS Solar Energy
  • Longi Solars Pakistan
  • MB Solar Energy
  • Fast Solar Private Limited
  • JA Solar Suppliers
  • Ronikal Energy
  • Appolo Appliances & Solar Energy
  • iPower Solar Solutions
  • Baloch Solar Energy
  • Royal Solar Energy Pvt Ltd
  • Fronus Solar Energy
  • MashaAllah Solar Energy
  • Solar Master
  • Lashari Solar Energy
  • Sun and Seam Solar Energy

Best things about Longi solar panels

The following things are a must-know thing if you are going to take any part in the trade of Longi solar panels in Pakistan. You can consider the following things before actually spending money on these solar cells, all these are being listed after personal user experience.

  • Longi solar panels are available easily in every city in Pakistan, so if you want to by, it will be easy for you to find them anywhere near you in the market.
  • These solar panels are of international trade quality and are being imported from China for the local Pakistani market.
  • This solar panel is long-lasting and the company is very honest in delivering the output energy exactly as written on the package.
  • These panels are highly sensitive in making energy, these panels can also give an amount of energy at night in sunlight.
  • These are being traded from China, which is our near in neighbor, this is beneficial because low import trades are being implied.
  • Longi company is a giant and experienced organization in this regard, so it is always surviving in the market through great customer experience, by providing good quality products to its end customer.
  • You can utilize these panels with UPS, inverters, and even batteries.
  • The surface area is long, which helps in making more extra energy when exposed to sunlight.


Are LONGI solar panels Pakistani-made?

No, Longi solar panels are made in China and have been imported for many years to Pakistan for local selling.

What is the cheapest LONGI Solar panel in Pakistan?

One of the most cheapest Longi solar panels is 445 watts which you can get around 46000 PKR from your local nearest market.


Longi solar panels are always a great deal for years in Pakistan. If you are entering specifically in the trade of it, or you want to be a reseller, be careful about being purchased a copy of it. Try to consult with an expert who has experience in this regard. Do your personal marker research in-detail before spending money on it in bulk.

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