LPG Price in Pakistan today 2023

LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas rates entirely depend on the base petroleum material which is commonly famous as khaam tail in Pakistan. Petroleum is a natural resource that goes through further processes called oil refining after oil mining.

Oil refining is a lengthy process of many different sub-processes. During oil refining, the air or gas emitted from the procedure is called LPG. In other countries, LPG gas prices don’t matter, but in Pakistan, it matters, due to many businesses rely on this gas.

lpg gas cylinders
LPG gas cylinders

LPG prices per KG and cylinders

LPG Gas RatePrice
1kg230 Pkr
12 Kg (home cylinder)2705 Pkr
45.4 Kg (commercial cylinder)10398 Pkr
LPG price today

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12 kg gas cylinder price in pakistan
lpg rate pakistan

After the national budget was published by the government, the addition of 11 Pkr has taken place in the previous price of LPG, so the new LPG price is increased to 216 Pkr per KG. Gas measurement is typically taken within the cylinder eliminating the weight of the cylinder from the scale.

LPG gas rates are different in different cities of Pakistan, but there is not much difference on basis of the geographical location of cities. For a decade, LPG gas demand is significantly decreased due to the natural gas supply from the government of Pakistan. Back in history, the whole of Pakistan was using LPG in cylinders.

Government supply of LPG has also positively affected the Pakistani economy, because when there was no natural gas discovered in Pakistan, Pakistan was importing LPG from foreign gulf countries, and this import cost thousands of dollars to the government.

As winter starts in Pakistan, the natural gas shortage starts taking place in about 98% of cities of the whole country. Natural gas load shedding is a big issue in Pakistan for a long time, this issue eventually raises the LPG demand in the winter season. Most of the local LPG suppliers taking advantage of the event increase the LPG rates.

LPG suppliers in Pakistan

There are hundreds of small to big LPG suppliers exist in Pakistan supplying quality and true rate gases for a long time. They are considered authoritative local gas brands supplying actively meeting quality and safety guidelines. Following is a gas suppliers list:

  • Noor LPG
  • Lub Gas
  • Parco Pearl Gas
  • PSO (Pakistan State Oil and Gas)
  • H&H LPG
  • Saphire Corporation
  • Hussain Trading Agency
  • CIBA Enterprises Pvt Ltd
  • Pak Engineering and Automation

How LPG is produced

  • The first and the most important or backbone process of all sub-processes in gas and oil refining is the extraction of crude oil from the soil. 
  • The crude oil is extracted and goes through further processing steps which include the refining of different types. Crude oil goes through 3 important and very crucial steps which are: separation conversion and treatment.
  • The crude oil further goes through separation in which large-sized impurities are removed from the solution. The solution after this separation is called diesel. Remember the separation from crude oil does not take place once, the more extraction step is applied to the raw crude oil the new energy form will be output.
  • After large impurities are separated from the crude oil, then comes a turn for small impurities which are not sometimes can be seen with naked human eyes. This separation process now gives petrol which is normally used in automobiles.
  • After the extraction of liquid petrol from the crude oil, then again a separation step is applied to the solution, this step will not output high-octane petrol which is being used in airplanes and heavy-duty engines.
  • During all these processes, the air emitted from all the solutions is called LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas and is now ready to be filled in cylinders for domestic or commercial use.


If you are here to look at gas prices for any of your domestic or commercial use, take note, if you think you are going for a big project and purchasing gas from any dealer locally from the market, make sure you don’t buy bulk gas without any expert advice or consultancy.

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