Lucky Cement 50KG Bag Price Today 2023

Lucky cement 50kg bag price in Pakistan today may be different from its price a week or a month back. Lucky cement and other cement rates today have reached a significant hight of expensive due to the high prices of raw materials. All this price increment over the period of time is the cause of inflation all over the world economy.

In comparing cement prices across Pakistan of different brands, you will notice they are highly dependent on the current construction industry situation from an economic point of view. There is no wrong in saying that all cement brands have set their rates according to the quality they are providing to their customers, but still, the prices are not a line in stone, they are volatile and keep changing within a month or week.

lucky cement 50kg bag price today
Lucky Cement 50KG Bag Price Today

Lucky Cement Price in Pakistan Updated

Lucky Cement OPC1115-1120 PKR


Note: These are the cities of Pakistan in which you can see almost the same prices for Lucky cement: Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, AJK, Mirpur, Gujranwala, Sialkot, 

Lucky cement is a middle to low-priced but high in quality cement widely being used by the local Pakistani construction industry. The reason most of the people in Pakistan are using this cement is because of its affordable price and most importantly the customer’s trust in the company making this cement.

Lucky Cement is a Private Limited company that is being listed on the stock exchange market for many years. Lucky cement limited is surviving through all these economic conditions in the market with a huge market capture with a great number of shares listed publicly. There are almost 313,375,000 shares of Lucky Cement are up for sale in the stock market.

If you look into the past 5 years’ graph of the company’s condition in the market, the stock prices of Lucky Cement Limited are not very stable nor unstable.

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What is the Lucky Cement stock symbol?

The stock symbol of Lucky Cement Company in the stock market is KSE100, PSX Stock.

What is the location of the Lucky Cement Factory in Pakistan?

Lucky Cement factory location is Lucky Cement Limited, 16th Floor، Islamabad Stock Exchange Tower, 55-B Jinnah Ave, F 7/4 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan, check more on their official site.

What is the total capacity of Lucky Cement as a manufacturer?

Lucky Cement’s production capacity falls between 15-16 million tons per annum.

What is Lucky Cement quality-wise?

Lucky Cement is a high-quality cement that comes in the category of very popular cement in Pakistan, it’s also the cement that is very popularly being used in Pakistan.

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