Maple Leaf Cement Price Today in Pakistan 2023

Maple Leaf cement price in Pakistan costs per bag or in case you need it in minimal quantities like 1 or 2  KGs, you can also avail from local cement shops in Pakistan. As Pakistan is the hub of cement factories, any cement you purchase in Pakistan, will be of high quality.

Pakistan is a developing country having a vast experience in cement manufacturing for years, this also affects the Real-time cement rates. In the case of Maple Leaf cement, it also comes in adhesives that are some of the best cements in Pakistan which you can purchase without any problem.

maple leaf cement

Maple Leaf Cement Rates | Maple Leaf Cement Price Per Bag

Maple Leaf Cement Rates50Kg bag Price
Maple Leaf normal/OPC cement1145-1150 PKR
ML White Cement1920 PKR

There are two cement categories currently available and popularly being used in Pakistan of Maple Leaf, one if Maple Leaf white cement and the other is normal of OPC cement, the choice of purchase is totally dependent on your requirements and budget.

Maple Leaf is a publicly listed company on the stock market, due to economic instabilities going from long in Pakistan, Maple Leaf company’s share price is constantly drowning, but this doesn’t mean that the company is not doing well in the market. This is the cement brand doing great for its customers from day one.

One thing to keep in mind is that Maple Leaf isn’t just a locally operating company, there are many operations being held within this company that are totally international, like this company may also be exporting cement to other foreign countries.

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What is the cement bag weight of Maple Leaf?

Maple Leaf cement bag comes in 50 KG weight for Pakistani consumers, You might be able to get any customized bag weightage in case you are an exporter, but this totally depends on your personal deal with the company, terms and conditions may be applicable.

When Maple Leaf started its operations in Pakistan?

This company is around 60 years old. Maple Leaf cement company started its organizational operations back in 1960 in the local Pakistani market.

What is the rank of Maple Leaf Cement in Pakistan?

Maple Leaf is an exceptional quality cement in the Pakistani construction industry, it falls in the top 5 cement brands in Pakistan.

Is Maple Leaf cement safe to use?

Yes, Maple Leaf is an old company making cement for the local Pakistani market and the international market. This company has been in operation in Pakistan since 1960, the company’s old age can be an indication that the company is still surviving because it is fulfilling the need of its potential customers.

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