Marble Price in Pakistan Today (Rate List With Types)

Marble is a natural stone used in making flooring tiles. Marble price is not as volatile or fluctuational as other home construction materials. Marble tiles are used in different types of houses both in Italian and UK styles houses. Marble tiles are categorized into different types on the basis of the raw material or stone used in them.

Keep in mind, that there are hundreds of types of raw marble stones available. Different marble types show different features, the most famous and expensive marble type is non-heatable marble tile that is used on the Khana Kaba floor, the temperature of this tile never gets high in extremely hot summers. More qualities in these tiles mean more money or expensive tiles.

marble price in pakistan

New marble prices with types

Badal85 PKR
Tavera75 PKR
Flower92 PKR
Sunny Grey76 PKR
Sunny White80 PKR
Zebra75 PKR
Ziarat Grey85 PKR
Black Granite720 PKR
China Verona95 PKR
Black Galaxy1550 PKR
Botticino 140 PKR
Silky Black85 PKR
Tropical Grey410 PKR
White Marble
Italian Marble
Parlino Marble
Grey Night
Brona Marble
Carrara White Marble
pakistan marble price list

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Above are all the types of marble in Pakistan with their current market prices that are available easily without wasting so much time finding sellers that sell imported products.

type of marble in Pakistan

Marble can be purchased at different price tags, it can range from 40-1500 per square foot. The price and its durability completely depend on the price you pay, more quality wise good stone will cost more money and vice versa. Marble prices are not frequently changeable, but they can be different city-wise, you may pay a different price in KPK than in Punjab.

Pros and cons of using marble flooring


  • Marble flooring is one of the best flooring types that maintained floor temperature low.
  • Flooring in which marble is long-lasting and very easy to clean with a very low amount of water.
  • There are some specific marble types that stay cool in even extremely hot temperatures.
  • It is a one-time cost for flooring, since it is installed it will go for generations in your home.
  • Marble is a natural stone, using it in your home will keep you in touch with nature.
  • It has a high capacity for experiencing weight, you can even put extremely high-weight stuff on marble flooring.
  • You can use regular tile bonds to install marble tiles on the floor.


  • Marble is more costly than other synthetic tiles, but it is durable.
  • Most of the time, you will not have the same texture or design all over its surface because its natural.

Best marble in Pakistan

The best and the most commonly used marble type by Pakistani people is Ziarat White Marble. This marble type is best because does not get heat up in the summer season and keep itself cool.

Another reason why this is considered best is that this is 100% natural marble and is locally extracted from the hills of Pakistani. There are many other premium, expensive, and luxury marble types available in the Pakistan market, but Ziarat White has all the qualities that other premium marbles have at a reasonable price.

The fact is these Ziarat marble tiles are not really cheap, but yes they are quality-wise good with a little high price tag.

How marble is made

Marble is totally natural resource found in rocks. When carbonated rocks are crushed using dynamite blasts, huge white stones are separated from the rock surface, these huge rock stones then go through a long process of polishing and shaping which adds value to them.

Marble stones after polishing and shaping go into tile factories as a raw material for them. These tile factories then further cut them into slices of different size ranges of 600×600, 1200×1200, and 600×1200 normally. and further polish them to make their surface crystal shine. Now marble tiles are ready to be in a showcase of retailers for further trade.


If you are going to buy marble for any big project and not having any experience in the construction industry, you just need to consult with some experts and professionals in the related industries. Investing in unauthorized and low-quality marble can cost you more in the long run, so it is compulsory to take a person with you or share all the details with him about the project and the requirements you want to be fulfilled in your project.


What is the cheapest and best marble type in Pakistan?

The Verona marble is considered the best marble type and very cheap in terms of price in Pakistan.

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