Messey 375 tractor price in pakistan 2023

MF375 tractor price in Pakistan has reached a significant level as other agricultural automotive prices are rising with the passage of time. This tractor MF 375 by Messy Ferguson has never compromised on quality due to inflation, this is the reason why this is a long-time favorite agri-vehicle of most Pakistani farmers.

There are only two variants widely used of this tractor, one is MF375 4WD and the other is 2WD. The major appearance difference between these two models is of the front tires. The 2WD variant has front tires smaller is size as compared to 4WD, while the 375 4WD has a larger in size frontal tire that also receives engine acceleration, which is the case in the 2WD variant. 

massey ferguson mf 375 tractors
massey ferguson 375 price

New MF 375 Prices in Pakistan

MF3754WD41,64,000 PKR
MF3752WD3,101,000 PKR
massey ferguson mf 375 tractor

These two models are quite the same, just the difference comes in pricing and wheel drive.

MF375 75HP Features and Specifications

SpecsMF375 75HP
Gross-Weight2295 kilograms
Maximum HP75 horsepower at 2200 rpm
Max-Torque290 Newton meters at 1400 RPM
Bore x Stroke101 mm x 127 mm
# of Cylinders4
Cylinder Capability4100 cubic centimeters
Compression Ratios15.3:1
Lubrication/GreasingSplash lubrication
Fuel Pump InjectionDelphi – Rotor Type
Clutch/CouplingDry Type, Dual Plate with single control
Transmission/GearboxConstant mesh sliding spur gears
Gears8 Forward, 2 Reverse
Max Speed at Road 28.7 kilometers per hour
Steering WheelHydrostatic Power Steering + Traditional Steering Wheel
PTO (RPM)Type: Live
 540 RPM at 1789 rpm of Engine
Rear Axle/Driven axleStraddle with epicyclic reduction units – straight axle
Braking SystemDisc brakes
Max Hydraulic Lifting CapabilityPump Flow: 16.7 liters per minute
 Maximum Lift Capacity: 2145 kilograms


Fuel Tank Capacity108 liters
Engine Oil Capacity7.5 liters
Hydraulics & Transmission36 liters


What is the most popular tractor from the two variants of MF375?

The MF375 2WD is the most famous and widely used tractor of this company in Pakistan, rest are not very commonly seen because it’s cost-effective.

Which MF variants have the most power output?

Both these MF375 variants have the same engine output, but the one with the 4WD feature is easier to navigate in muddy areas because all its wheels receive engine acceleration.

What is the engine power difference between these two models of MF375?

Both these tractors possess the same engine power which is 375 horsepower.

How does the brake system work in this tractor?

The brake system of both these tractors is a disc brake which is more reliable and savvy than a traditional brake system. 

Does this tractor have builtin power staring wheel system?

MF375 2WD comes without power staring, but the MF 375 4WD some years back started to come with builtin power staring.

Can I later shift to power-staring for MF375 2WD?

Yes, you can, but it not a budget-friendly idea at all.

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