MF 385 4wd Tractor Specification 2023

MF 385 tractor is one of the hot-selling agriculture vehicles in Pakistan due to the large number of features and specifications it offers at a very affordable price.MF350 is most commonly used to cover small agricultural areas.

There are dozens of other MF categories available in Pakistan that offer more extra specifications with more prices. Messy Ferguson is famously and specifically working in the Tractor industry offering dozens of tractor types for a different-sized agricultural areas.

MF 385 4wd Tractor
MF 385 4wd Tractor

MF 385 4×4 price in Pakistan

Like any other tractor price in Pakistan, the price for this specific tractor doesn’t fluctuate at a higher frequency, it remains most of the time the same throughout the year. 

Messy Ferguson MF 385 4WD85 Horse Power42,81,000 Pkr

MF 385 tractor engine specifications

Overall Engine Power85 Horse Powe/2250 RPM
Engine Torque70 NM (newton meter)
Engine Combustion TypeDiesel 4.41 cylinder
Fuel InjectionDirect
Engine Oil / Mobile Oil Capacity7.5 Litres
Diesel Storage Capacity108 Litres
Piston Bore101 mm
Engine Compression Ratio15:3:1
Engine FilterHigh-Performance Dual Filters
ExhaustCarbon-filtered Top-up Muffler
Engine Start TypeThermostat
Fuel Filter TypeAir Swirl
No. of Forward gears8
Number of Reverse Gear2
Top Speed28 Km/h

Tractor Dimensions

Gross Vehicle Weight15082 KG
Vehicle Length3810 mm / 12.5 feet / 3.81 meters
Vehicle Width1871 mm / 6.1 feet / 1.8 meters
Overall Height With Exhaust2485 mm / 8.1 feet / 2.4 meters
Height From Ground to Steering Wheel 1781 mm / 5.8 feet / 1.7 meters

Gears and Speed

Gear 12.7 km/h
Gear 23.7 km/h
Gear 35.1 km/h
Gear 46.8 km/h
Gear 510.4 km/h
Gear 615.2 km/h 
Gear 720.8 km/h
Gear 827.9 km/h
Gear 13.5 km/h
Gear 214.1 km/h

Other Specifications

Steering WheelPower
No. of Seats1
Spring TypeSpring Suspension
Front Wheels SuspensionShock Absorber
HeadlightsSharp Focus Beam


Before actually purchasing MF385 4×4 tractor, always cross-check the features mentioned above by yourself, or for the feature you are actually looking for.


If you are going to purchase this tractor or any other Messu Ferguson tractor and you think you don’t have enough knowledge or experience of the industry, try to take someone industry expert or someone whole knows more about tractors with you to market.

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