New Bike Prices in Pakistan 2023

The latest bike prices in Pakistan really matter to Pakistani people because motorcycles are considered the cheapest transportation way. Hundreds of motorcycle companies in Pakistani automotive industry manufacture all price range bikes with different engine powers.

Pakistan nowadays is making different branded motorbikes locally and also assembling as well importing spare parts from Japan and China. The Honda bike is one of those bikes only assembled in Pakistan but imported from the Japanese brand Atlas Honda. After some Japanese-made rikshaws being assembled locally, there are dozens of bike companies put their feet in making the whole bike in Pakistan. However, all new motorcycle price in Pakistan has been mentioned below.

motorcycles in pakistan
Bike price in pakistan

Honda all bikes price in pakistan

The most demanded Honda bike types in Pakistan are CD70 and CG125, following are other Honda models with engine power from higher to lower:

Honda Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
Honda 70 price in Pakistan (Simple)70154900 PKR
Honda CD Dream70165900 PKR
Honda CD 100100Discontinued
Honda Pridor125203900 PKR
Honda CG 125 125229900 PKR
Honda CBF 125125380900 PKR
Honda 125 Spc Edition100275900 PKR
Honda CBR 150R70660000 PKR
Honda CBR 500R701250000 PKR
lates honda bike prices
bike prices in pakistan
motorbike price in pakistan

Updated United bike prices

United Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
US 707077000 PKR
US Jazba 10010095000 PKR
US 100 Basic10081000 PKR
US Euro2 125125115000 PKR
US Ultimate 150150160000 PKR

New Road Price bike prices 

Road Prince  Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
RP Passion7072000 PKR
RP Classic7073000 PKR
RP Jackpot 11070000 PKR
RP Power Plus 11067500 PKR
RP Twister 12580500 PKR
RP Shift12599000 PKR
RP Robinson150272000 PKR
RP Wego150255000 PKR
RP Rx3250730000 PKR

Updated Suzuki bike prices

Suzuki Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
Sprinter Eco11098500 PKR
Raider110101500 PKR
GD 110110230000 PKR
GD 110S110230000 PKR
GS 150150364000 PKR
GS 150 SE150410000 PKR
GR 150150365000 PKR
Gixxer 150150385000 PKR
Inazuma 250250600000 PKR
Inazuma Aegis2501000000 PKR
Bandit6501450000 PKR
Intruder8001700000 PKR
GSX R6006001950000 PKR
Hayabusa13502600000 PKR

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New prices for Yamaha bikes

Yamaha Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
YB125300000 PKR
YBR125312000 Pkr
YB-Z125273000 Pkr
YB-Z-DX125293000 Pkr

Latest Crown bike prices updated

Crown Bike ModelsEngine in CCPrice
CR Jazba7053000 PKR
CR HD Plus7054000 PKR
CR Self Start7062600 PKR
CR Excellence10054500 PKR
CR Euro212585600 PKR
Fit Fighter150140000 PKR

Eagle bike prices

Eagle Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
Eagle Firebird DF7041500 PKR

New QINGQI bike prices

QINGQI Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
Qingqi QM 7041500 PKR

Ravi bike rates

Ravi Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
Hamsafar7040000 PKR
Premium R17843000 PKR
Piaggio Storm125120000 PKR

Unique bike prices

Unique Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrice
UD Extreme7047000 PKR
UD 10010085500 PKR
UD-12512575500 PKR
UD Crazer150170000 PKR
unique bike rates

Super Power bike new rates

Super Power Bike ModelsEngine POwer in CCPrice
SP-707053500 PKR
SP-12512575000 PKR
SP Cheetah11081500 PKR
SP 150 Archi 150137000 PKR
SP Leo200200000 PKR
SP Sultan 250290000 PKR

ZXMCO bike new rates 

ZXMCO Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrices
ZX City Ride7040500 PKR
ZX City Rider Euro27044000 PKR
ZX Thunder Plus7047000 PKR
ZX Power Max10052000 PKR
ZX Shahsawar10055000 PKR
ZX Stallion12575000 PKR
KPR Cruise200245000 PKR
ZX Monster250425000 PKR

Pak Hero bike new prices

Pak Hero Bike ModelsEngine Power in CCPrices
PH707041500 PKR

Crown bikes price in Pakistan

Crown Bike ModelsEngine / CCPrice
CR 70 HD Plus7053000 PKR
CR 10010054500 PKR
CR 70 Jazba7053900 PKR
CR 12512585600 PKR
CR 70 Self Start7062600 PKR
Fit 150 Fighter150140000 PKR


Which is the cheapest motorcycle in Pakistan?

Ravi Humsafar’s 70 cc bike is considered to be the cheapest bike in Pakistan.

What is the most famous bike in Pakistan?

The Honda CD 70 CC bike is the most famous and reliable bike among Pakistani people due to its fuel average.


Pakistani market is highly saturated for bikes. There are a lot of options for bikes from high to low rates in the local Pakistan market. However, if you cannot afford a new bike, there is a second option of buying a second-hand or used bike from second markets or OLX.

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